SGS General Meeting Oct 16, 2016

There was a good turnout and a lively discussion about the current operations and state of the Subud Greater Seattle community after Latihan, October 16, 2016. In addition to reports about the state of the House, the Centerprise, Finances and other aspects of SGS, Sebastian Tedrow, the Executive Director of Subud USA gave a report of what is happening with Subud USA:

Our new National Committee is Mary Wold chairperson Lucas Boladian vice Chair, and Rafiq Dossani treasurer. We do not have a secretary yet. Volunteers welcome.

We are still looking for a site for the 2017 National Gathering on the East Coast. We have tentative dates of June 30-July 4, 2017. It will be a kejiwaan/wings gathering not a business congress.  I have been looking for a venue for some time but I am currently trying to narrow it down to either the Baltimore or Atlanta area after looking at a number of other possible sites which have proven either two small or two expensive. At the national congress a subcommittee was set up the help with determining future congress sites. It should help in the future. Currently we plan on having the 2018 National Congress on the West Coast on one side or the other of the 4th of July, because Ramadan will be during the Memorial Day weekend from 2017-2019. My current favorite is the Vancouver WA Hilton which we have used 3 time before.

It was related that Latihan for Sunday, November 13 was cancelled and all the minutes compiled with care by Hadiyah Carlyle are posted here:

General Meeting Minutes Subud Greater Seattle, Oct 16,2016

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Oct 9, 2016 Dewan Meeting

spring-street-center-with-logoYour fearless local Dewan met yesterday and here’s but a snippet of the goodness they covered in their meeting:

Housing Operations: 

Marston said the house is in good shape now.  We’ve done some major repairs this year.  He said that for 2017 we should have the siding looked at on the south side of the  building where it is showing water damage. The upstairs floors need to be redone and insulating the house will save energy and make lodgers more comfortable in future heat events, which are expected to increase. He made a list of recently completed and potential future repairs. 


We will be choosing a new committee at the end of January.  Ramon asked Hadiyah to get phone numbers and emails of current women helpers.  We would like both men and women to test the following: 

What is my attitude toward SGS?

What should my attitude be?

Knowing what my attitude is how can I facilitate the growth of SGS?

Holiday Party:


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General Meeting

Subud Greater Seattle logoYes, a general meeting for Subud Greater Seattle at the Seattle house on Sunday October 16 after latihan.
Did you know the rental business did over $11,300 in August? It was a new record. Find out where we’re hiding the loot. And we have some important issues to talk about.  Also, we are planning our Holiday Party for AFTER LATIHAN on Sunday, January 1, 2017. What a way to ring in the new year with Latihan and your Subud Brothers and Sisters.
We look forward to seeing you. Sunday, October 16, after Latihan.
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Halimah Bellows Wins Award!

“Champion Your Career” Receives 2016 Pinnacle Award

Halimah Bellows

Halimah Bellows

The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs has named “Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work” by Halimah Bellows, MA, MS as a winner of a Summer 2016 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the category of Self-Help Books. More information can be found at

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Sept 18 Dewan Meeting

Dear Dewan
There will be no meeting on Sunday Sept 11 but instead will be Sunday Sept 18 at 9:30.
Hoping to see you there.  If can’t make it, please let us know.
Hadiyah sec/y


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Testing Sept 11

TestingThere will be group testing on Sunday, Sept. 11 directly following the general latihan.  All are invited and welcome to participate.  Afterwards, group testing will be offered the FIRST Sunday of each month directly following the general latihan. Testing 2

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General Meeting Sunday Sept 11 CANCELED!


Sunday September 11 after latihan in Seattle has been cancelled. More info as it becomes available.

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Jim O’Halloran Trio

Come support your Subud Brother at local gigs. Jim O’Halloran is a world-class musician, arranger and bandleader and surrounds himself with some of the best musicians in Seattle. Lake Chad Cafe, 1712 S. Jackson, Seattle, WA.

8.16.16 - Jim O Lake Chad poster

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Zone Seven Congress, Cali, Colombia

The Zone Seven Congress is happening in Cali, Colombia. Subud Greater Seattle member and MSF Chair Marston Gregory is attending and surely will have a report upon his return. Meantime, Subud PNW Chair Aaron Mann is documenting the event in his inimitable way with remarkable photos. See them all here:

13925560_10207237107422809_675306202571603256_o 13938140_10207237099302606_8606535624036340386_o 13938291_10207243214135473_6734639340633224525_o 13958069_10207237099702616_4837064169211613234_o

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Interview with Richmond Shepard

Richmond Shepard

Richmond Shepard


Mime blames Interviewer. Interviewer blames Mime.

Internationally-known Mime and Subud member since 1959, Richmond Shepard, in one of those quintessential Congress moments, dropped by the couch on which your humble narrator was finishing up one of his August Postcard Poems, and proceeded to discuss the current situation in Subud New York, the dwindling and aging population of the Subud community there and his feeling that that could be rectified with outreach. Thanks to my trusty I.C. Recorder and taped an impromptu interview in two segments.

In segment one Richmond discussed the issues mentioned above and the continued relevance of other Subud traditions, such as separate latihans for men and women and the issue of Gays and Lesbians in Subud.

Listen to Part 1 11:09.


In the second interview the discussion of gender fluidity and how he feels Subud handles it continued. He believes anyone is entitled to do latihan.

He also discussed the future of the Subud New York property, how he feels that it would be best to sell the property and support Subud houses and enterprises throughout the country. Short of that, given the turnout of Subud NYC (15 men for a Sunday latihan), suggested being proactive about doing outreach for Subud. He felt that the three month waiting period was a “relic of its time” and was concerned of the aging nature of the Subud New York population.

He talked about how he found Subud and how he was opened. He discussed what Subud has meant to him in his life, how the latihan has given him guidance, and kept him healthy. Listen to Part Two: 17:30.

In the final segment he gave an example as to how the latihan saved his life. He also talked about his daughters and the need for gun control and police education to deal with the issues of violence, as exemplified by recent incidents in Dallas, Minnesota and elsewhere. Listen to Part Three: 8:02.

Richmind ShepardSee also this New Yorker profile on the World’s Oldest Mime, including some great old video of one of your favorite Subud mimes.


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