New Year’s Subud Party 1.1.17

From Marston Gregory:

Please come to our 2017 New Year’s Day party at the Seattle Center on Jan 1, 2017.  It starts after Latihan. New Year’s Day is also “Hoppin’ John Day” in the Southern U.S.  As in New Orleans we will have traditional rice and beans plus many other gourmet treats. Proceeds from donations will benefit SD USA and a recommended donation of at least $10 per person is asked or what you feel a gourmet meals is worth.

Debbie Machado-Santos 240 353-7678

Come and enjoy the cuisine of Debbie Machado-Santos, master chef, who just moved back from Washington, D.C. last April.  ( Debbie is a chef and another chef (David Calderon from Chile) will also assist.  David has been a chef on many cruise ships.  Wow!  Is this going to be a meal…

Evan Padilla will be giving short presentation on SD and it’s good work around the globe after the meal. Please come and start of the new year with great food and charity.

Thanks to Subud Greater Seattle who has underwritten the purchase of the food and to Debbie and David for the excellent preparations.

To plan, we need to know how many are attending, so please rsvp Hadiyah Carlyle at

Don’t miss this!

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Hildreth Sisters Fundraiser

subud-youth-2016Greetings Subud brothers and sisters, This year is the international youth gathering: Basara in Kalimantan. The gathering will take place in Central Kalimantan for 10 days from December 29th- January 7th. The vision of Basara is to bring the young generation in one place to grow and connect as well as contribute to Kalimantan. Local Seattle Subud members Leandra and Sophy Hildreth are raising funds to attend this gathering. Please Help these two Subud sisters in the adventure of a lifetime.

Sophy Hildreth’s campaign:

Leandra Hildreth’s campaign:


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No Latihan Sunday. Try Saturday

There will be no Latihan Sunday, November 13. Subud members not at Menucha are encouraged to practice Latihan Saturday, November 12, at 10:15. The reason is a rental of the house for a very special event.

From Vivek Thacker:

sathya-sai-baba-international-organizationI am a member of the Sathya Sai Baba International Organization (, a spiritual and service organization whose goal is to help man realize the inherent divinity in them. Our practice focuses on 3 aspects: study of our leader, Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s literature, devotional music and serving the needs of the local community. Our members have been extremely active in all these 3 aspects since the 1990s in the Puget Sound region.
Every year, our organization, Sri Sathya Sai Baba International Organization, organizes a continuous 24 hour devotional signing program for World Peace that begins on the 2nd Saturday of November at 6pm and ends on the Sunday at 6pm. This year, we are grateful that Spring Street Center will graciously host us on November 12th through 13th. Usually we expect 50-100 families (in and out traffic) to stop by multiple times during the event.
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Ken Chafee Surgery

Mariana Chafee reports on Facebook:

ken-and-mariana-chafeeSo, tomorrow (Nov 8, 2016) Kenneth will have surgery on his right lung: “minimally invasive, camera assisted, surgery.” There is a very small possibility that they may have to open him up and remove the affected lobe, depending on what they find when they first go in. We are, of course, hoping that this will not be necessary, and he will be in the hospital for some days in either case. This is a worrying situation, and your kind thoughts for him will be much appreciated. Thank you, I’ll post again when we know more.

9:18pm Tuesday update:

It has been a long day, and stressful, but Kenneth is resting in the hospital. They did have to remove the top lobe of the right lung, because there was an 8mm area of invasiveness, and 5mm is the line they draw. So the lobe has been removed, with some lymph nodes, and depending on what the pathologist finds in those nodes, he will or will not need chemo. We are told that the chances of that happening is (according to the literature) 3 to 5%. So the outlook, and the prognosis, is pretty good. Kenneth has a lot of pain (the doctor warned him about this, so at least he wasn’t blind-sided), and now it is a matter of keeping him comfortable and doing whatever we can to help him heal. Thank you all, again, for your kind thoughts.

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Padilla Update/Request

10-24-16-padilla-confor-fire-3From Annie Padilla, regarding the devastating fire on Monday, October 24, 2016 that destroyed their home and many others and took the lives of two people and their pet cat “Baby”:

We are receiving an outpouring of calls & messages. Thank you to everyone who has reached out.
Many people have offered to help us, and are asking what they could do.
If anyone feels moved to help, they can send kitchen items of all kinds, such as
glass food storage containers, small cutting board, cooking utensils, small cooking appliances, and the like to:
10-24-16-padilla-condo-fire-5Evan & Ann Padilla
P.O. Box 92
Bellevue, WA 98009-0092
The cause of the fire is undetermined. The fire was very severe, and the entire building was badly burned.  25 fire trucks were on the scene, but they were never able to stop the fire. It continued to burn for over three hours.  Fire burned each and every one of the 21 units in the building. About 60 people have been displaced.  The roof is missing on over half the building.
It is a sorry sight to see. We have hired security to be on sight 24/7 to protect the property from looting or personal injury.
They are not permitting us to enter our unit due to the instability of the building, and toxic fumes.
We are not sure if we will ever be allowed back in.
10-24-16-padilla-condo-fire-4Detectives on the police force continue to investigate. We know only a few of the details.  This is one topic we are avoiding, as frankly, it’s just too emotionally difficult to discuss.
We may have found an apartment in downtown Bellevue, located just a few blocks from our previous address. If it works out with our insurance company, we will move there within the next few days.
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us during this very difficult time.
Please keep us in your prayers.
Annie Padilla
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Latihan Schedule Changes!

Be aware, there will be NO Latihans the following dates:

Thursday, Nov 3
Saturday, Nov 4
Sunday, Nov 13

Consider attending the Eastside Friday night Latihan (see:

and the Saturday, November 12 Latihan at the Seattle Subud House, quiet time 10:15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Padilla Condo Destroyed by Fire



Longtime Subud members Annie and Evan Padilla are safe, but their condo has been destroyed in a fire which took the life of their cat Baby and two people Monday night. Annie sent this today:

Perhaps you should post something about our situation. Our condominium was destroyed by fire Monday night Oct 24th. Fire swept through the entire building. Two of our neighbors died. We are moving from the Red Lion Inn to Residents Inn on 114th in Bellevue today. Please keep us in your prayers. We lost everything.

Their condo complex was called: “The Chimneys.”

KIRO News reported:

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Two of four people who were hospitalized after a fire at a Bellevue condominium have died.

Firefighters responded to a two-alarm fire near 100th and Main Street before 8 p.m. Monday.

Fire officials said four people were rescued from the fire and were being treated. Two people had smoke inhalation and burns and the other two people suffered more severe injuries.

KIRO 7 learned Tuesday that two of the victims had died at Harborview Medical Center.

Lynn Calvo, 76, was inside her second-floor condo when she heard what sounded like water running down the outside of the building. When she looked out the peep hole in her door, she saw smoke and flames.

She ran to her deck, but there was smoke and flames there, too. She grabbed her phone and called 911.

“911 said, ‘Stay on the phone with me. We have firefighters coming,’ and in about two minutes, they broke down the door, scooped her up and rushed her out of the unit,” said Gina Hasson, Calvo’s daughter.  Hasson said her mother was treated for smoke inhalation and released from Overlake Medical Center.  She got the call last night about the fire.





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SGS General Meeting Oct 16, 2016

There was a good turnout and a lively discussion about the current operations and state of the Subud Greater Seattle community after Latihan, October 16, 2016. In addition to reports about the state of the House, the Centerprise, Finances and other aspects of SGS, Sebastian Tedrow, the Executive Director of Subud USA gave a report of what is happening with Subud USA:

Our new National Committee is Mary Wold chairperson Lucas Boladian vice Chair, and Rafiq Dossani treasurer. We do not have a secretary yet. Volunteers welcome.

We are still looking for a site for the 2017 National Gathering on the East Coast. We have tentative dates of June 30-July 4, 2017. It will be a kejiwaan/wings gathering not a business congress.  I have been looking for a venue for some time but I am currently trying to narrow it down to either the Baltimore or Atlanta area after looking at a number of other possible sites which have proven either two small or two expensive. At the national congress a subcommittee was set up the help with determining future congress sites. It should help in the future. Currently we plan on having the 2018 National Congress on the West Coast on one side or the other of the 4th of July, because Ramadan will be during the Memorial Day weekend from 2017-2019. My current favorite is the Vancouver WA Hilton which we have used 3 time before.

It was related that Latihan for Sunday, November 13 was cancelled and all the minutes compiled with care by Hadiyah Carlyle are posted here:

General Meeting Minutes Subud Greater Seattle, Oct 16,2016

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Oct 9, 2016 Dewan Meeting

spring-street-center-with-logoYour fearless local Dewan met yesterday and here’s but a snippet of the goodness they covered in their meeting:

Housing Operations: 

Marston said the house is in good shape now.  We’ve done some major repairs this year.  He said that for 2017 we should have the siding looked at on the south side of the  building where it is showing water damage. The upstairs floors need to be redone and insulating the house will save energy and make lodgers more comfortable in future heat events, which are expected to increase. He made a list of recently completed and potential future repairs. 


We will be choosing a new committee at the end of January.  Ramon asked Hadiyah to get phone numbers and emails of current women helpers.  We would like both men and women to test the following: 

What is my attitude toward SGS?

What should my attitude be?

Knowing what my attitude is how can I facilitate the growth of SGS?

Holiday Party:


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General Meeting

Subud Greater Seattle logoYes, a general meeting for Subud Greater Seattle at the Seattle house on Sunday October 16 after latihan.
Did you know the rental business did over $11,300 in August? It was a new record. Find out where we’re hiding the loot. And we have some important issues to talk about.  Also, we are planning our Holiday Party for AFTER LATIHAN on Sunday, January 1, 2017. What a way to ring in the new year with Latihan and your Subud Brothers and Sisters.
We look forward to seeing you. Sunday, October 16, after Latihan.
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