April 2017 Dewan Meeting Minute Highlights

Find out why our AirBnB sales are up, how Family Camp has been transformed this year, what we are planning to celebrate Earth Day this year, plans for a party for all our wonderful volunteers and …… READ MORE



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Dewan Meeting Minutes April 9, 2017


April 9, 2017

ATTENDEES: Honora Hildreth, Jim O’Halloran, Sherwin O’Bar, Lorraine Tedrow, Marston Gregory, Debbie Machado- Santos, Hadiyah Carlyle

Minutes from March 5, 2017 unanimously approved.

FINANCIALS: Sherwin reported

Revenue: $16,088 (including member donations of $3900 and Airbnb of $11,963.

Expenses: $28,734 (rental expense of $10,600 and house improvements/occupancy cost of $15,014 of which about $10,000 represents full payment for the sewer line rework).

Excess of Expense over Revenue: $12,646.


We discussed having better communications through email and txt. Listserver to be setup for just committee members. The emails should be reformatted and start anew, not tag onto old emails. It gets too confusing this way.

In case of emergency, we were asked to call or txt Honora or Sherwin.

Honora brought up the issue of disconnect on communication with Subud members. She said it is a goal of hers to work on this.

The end of August the region is sponsoring the Great Create, which takes the place of Family Camp. It will be at Pilgrim’s Fir Camp in Pt. Orchard. Honora talked about her fond memories of Family Camp as a child and hope to create another memorable place at Pilgrim’s Fir.


Spring St Center: Jim reported for Paul as he is out of town. We have the highest rating with AirBnB as superhosts. It’s an honor as it’s not easy to get that designation. We have increased sales substantially. For example, in March, 2017 Spring St Center brought in $5,959.00. In 2016, we brought in $2,325.00 for March.

Marston also commented that the center now has a great staff and things work well. Yea!

Subud House Survey: Marston went over the survey that he filled out on our house with the committee. There were some minor changes. Marston will submit it.

Earth Day: In honor of Earth Day, on Sat April 22 and Sunday April 23 we will work on the outside of the building, weeding, planting etc. There is detailed information on our website. PLEASE COME!! WE NEED VOLUNTEERS.

Rehab projects for the year: Marston submitted a wish list of projects that need to be done to keep the house in good shape. We will go over them, prioritize, and see what we can do. We are trying not to spend money as the sewer repair took a big chunk out of our income.

Future Events: We are having a party honoring all the volunteers that have worked for Subud all these years on Sunday May 21st after latihan. It’s a potluck lunch with great food. Please put this date on your calendar – it’s special. We hope to have members in the region come.

Next dewan meeting: Also, Sunday May 21 9:00 am

Dewan is planning a general meeting to let members know what we are doing. Date to be set soon.

National Congress is in Maryland this year in a great location. Registration is open.


Respectfully submitted,

Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y



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Celebrate Earth Day at SGS

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Halimah Bellows at Third Place Books April 13

Halimah Bellows to be featured at Third Place Books in Ravenna

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Report on regional and national helper visit to Boise, ID Group

On Friday, March 17, Marius Harold, national helper and I traveled to Boise, Idaho to visit the Subud Boise Group.

We felt that the Boise has the capacity to become a larger group. The group also is willing to open themselves to more group activities.

For more details on this trip click this link.

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Free Events at UCC Bellevue (Eastside Latihan Facilities)

Rick Steves, Sunday, March 19, 5:30 pm

The internationally recognized travel author and host of the NPR series Travel with Rick Steves will speak on two of his favorite themes: Travel as a Political and Spiritual Act.

Holly Near – Sunday, May 21, 4:00 pm

Holly Near celebrates her first album in three years, Peace Becomes You. She’s building on 40 creative years and 30 recordings. Respected around the world for her music and activism, her joy and passion inspire people to join in her celebration of the human spirit. Her music fully engages listeners in the world around them. Holly has made a career speaking to anyone in the world who believes in peace, justice, and feminism, a wonderful spectrum of humanity.

UCC Mass Choir/Orchestra: Fauré Requiem – Sunday, June 4, 4:00 pm

The Chancel Choir of First Congregational Church, Bellevue hosts singers and instrumentalists from neighboring UCC churches in a performance of the beloved Fauré Requiem. Featuring musicians from University Congregational, Magnolia United Church of Christ, All Pilgrims Christian Church, and Plymouth Church.

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March 5, 2017

ATTENDEES: Jim O’Halloran, Hadijah and Sherwin O’Bar, Lorraine Tedrow, Hadiyah Carlyle. Jim, Vice-chair ran the meeting.

Minutes from Jan 22, 2017 unanimously approved

FINANCIAL: Sherwin reported the following: Revenue $8,850 (including member donations of $2,458 and Airbnb of $56,167) and Expenses $19,358 (rental expense of $7,494 and house improvements/occupancy costs of $9,784 of which $6,600 represents 2/3 payment for the sewer line rework. Excess of Expense over Revenue: $10,508.



The contracts for both the providers of Airbnb and other rentals have been worked on in depth. Honora is putting the finishing touches on them and we are expecting them ready to be signed next Sunday.

Airbnb – The dewan is asking Paul to include in his report next month any issues with Airbnb and the City of Seattle and bring us up to date with who he is in touch with.

Pacific Northwest Region

Sherwin reported on the Regional Board meeting. Honora attended also. The Pacific Northwest Region will be sending a 10% increase to SUSA. There are changes in the regional budget including $3000 worth more of expenses. There is money in the regional fund so if the region has to they can access this money.

Marius Hibbard is now regional vice-chair.

The region is sponsoring a Great Create Art Camp at Pilgrim Firs in the Kitsap Peninsula at the end of August. This will replace Family Camp in Indianola. We are encouraging people to participate and feel their creative energy.

We discussed increasing our commitment to the regional. We will continue the discussion at the next meeting.

Helpers Reports

Hadijah O’Bar is helper of the month. The helpers opened a new member, Sophy Hildreth. Her family was present for the opening, which was a blessing for all. Hadijah said that there is a issue with the helpers communicating with each other and will work on it.

Halstein reported that Sebastian and Abideen tested positive to be helpers again.

Halstein will contact T Chuol who has been an applicant for a long time.


The Dewan is planning a party celebrating the history of Seattle either May 21 or close to Bapak’s birthday in June, maybe June 28. Will be a fun event with lots of good food.

Next meeting: Either April 2 or 9. Lorraine will discuss dates with Honora.

Respectfully submitted

Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y



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Halimah speaks at East West Bookstore February 23

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SGS Annual Meeting Minutes

Subud Greater Seattle Annual Meeting                                           January 29, 2017

Attendees: Oswald Norton, Halstein Stralberg, Hadijah and Sherwin O’Bar, Elisha Gullixson, Danella Mauguin , Alexa Wichert, Bakti Watts, Paul Nelson, Hariana Chilstrom, Ramon Hildreth, Honora, Leandra, and Sophy HIldreth, Debbie M. Santos, Insiah Caspers, Lorraine and Raphael Tedrow, Jim and Lucinda O’Halloran, Hadiyah Carlyle.


To put a context to the upcoming election of officers, Oswald spoke about the role of the committee and what makes a good chair, vice-chair, and member-at-large.

Nominations and testing for each elected position began.

The helpers asked the following questions:

  1. Does……have the talent and capacity to do the job for the coming term?
  2. How is it for the group?
  3. How is it for……….if she or he serves at this time?

Chair nominations: Honora Hildreth, Hadiyah Carlyle, Hariana Chilstrom. Hariana withdrew. Honora was unanimously elected after the testing.

Vice-chair nominations: Lucinda O’Halloran, Jim O’Halloran, Hadiyah Carlyle. Hadiyah withdrew. Jim was elected after the testing. There was one opposition and two abstentions; folks didn’t want to lose Jim as a helper.

Ramon will step up as a helper now.

Member-at-large nominations: Bakti Watts, Lorraine Tedrow, Lucinda O’Halloran, Leandra Hildreth, and Alexa Wichert. Leandra declined. Lorraine was unanimously elected.

Sherwin and Hadiyah agreed to continue in their non-elected positions as Treasurer and Sec’y.

Sophy and Leandra Hildreth reported on their adventure at the Subud Youth gathering in Indonesia.

Respectfully submitted, Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y


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Sunday, Feb 12 Kejiwaan Day


Please join us for a Kejiwaan Day at the Seattle Subud House. This will happen after Latihan, Sunday, February 12, 2017, and will include a potluck. Members are welcome to test questions with their Brothers or Sisters, have personal testing, or just engage in the process which is always informative and often life-changing.

The potluck will happen right after the general Latihan, but before the Kejiwan.

If you have not participated in a Kejiwan day before, it’s a time to test questions based on your interests and concerns, and a chance to deepen connections with other members and develop our Subud community.




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