Exciting Times!

This is an exciting time for Subud Greater Seattle!  I just heard that Oswald Norton has tested and received to take on the treasurer’s job, which is wonderful news!  Whoever takes on the role of chairman will have a much easier time with Oswald in that position, but, of course, the final decision rests with the new committee.  The people in charge of the house and Airbnb rentals ( Paul and Debbie with many helpers and volunteers) are doing a great job and it looks like things are getting even better with new tenants and new opportunities for rentals for our property!  Adjustments are being made due to new taxes and other expenses related to those rentals but even so prospects are good!  All in all 2019 is looking to be a great year for our group with new projects and a great time to experience working for Subud!  Please take the time to consider if you would like to experience this life altering process in whatever capacity that feels right!  Our meeting for choosing the new committee will be Sunday, January 27th after the general latihan.  Please come and help in making this a successful event and find out who will be guided to fill these positions!

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Subud Greater Seattle annual meeting with testing and election of new officers will be after Latihan in Seattle Sunday, January 27.

Subud Greater Seattle Officers
Please consider testing for chair, and vice-chair; and also for appropriateness of serving as secretary, treasurer, or committee member at large.  All positions are needed.  Bapak has stated that when you get the job, you get the energy to do the job-and that it has personal benefit.  Please consider if now is the time to step up.  Subud Seattle needs you!


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Spring Street Center Centerprise Report for 2018:

From:   Debbie, Ricardo, Dawn, Marston and Paul


The management team that keeps our “centerprise” working each day is happy to report that at year end we are in excellent shape and 2019 could well be a record year due to a major new client (University of Colorado) that will be booking daytime use for classes on a long term basis starting in September, which could bring in new significant revenue to the center into 2020.

Paul Nelson handles all the Airbnb rentals which had over 200 guests from all continents in 2018 and generated $76,500 in revenue.   This is a challenging job since with four guest rooms, there are constant emails from clients at all times and day and night. It is interesting to note that several Airbnb guests have become applicants.  

Paul also attended city hearings and helped with getting sections added to the code to cover non-profit use of Airbnb.   Starting Jan. 1, a new set of statutes come into effect regarding short term rentals. Also, a new tax will be added to each night’s rental.  This is charged by Airbnb and paid to the City of Seattle by Airbnb and is $10/night. We do not know if this will have any effect on our volume of rentals in 2019 since rates will increase.   Our Airbnb is still receiving high ratings from guests with 4.8 out of 5.0 average and we continue to have the coveted status of “Super Hosts”. This is due to a spotless, well located site with excellent customer service.  2018 had a busy summer with close to 98% occupancy on our four rooms.

Also, Sherwin O’Bar, our Treasurer, has now placed our Airbnb space on the tax rolls so we will now be in full compliance with taxes due on Airbnb rental space.   We also are now filing a Federal Tax return on this unrelated business income. This is all important to be sure we are in full compliance with all tax laws.

Event Rentals:

Debbie Machado-Santos is now our rental agent.  2018 was a slow year for event rental revenue but 2019 looks so far to be a much better year with several major clients signing contracts.  

Facilities Repairs and Maintenance:

Since our major revenue source is Airbnb, we give first priority to insuring that the four upstairs bedrooms are kept super clean.  In 2018, Owl Painting Co. repaired water damage in the dining room area ceiling and repainted plus painted and repaired the main bathroom.  In December the faucet in the main bathroom had to be fully replaced and now has a fully coded fixture. After getting quotes in 2018, 2019 will be our year to repaint the outside of the building which hasn’t been painted for over 12 years and a bid from Owl Painting has been approved.  The painting should be in May, weather permitting. A loan from the region plus some fund raising and reserves will pay for this $13,000 repair. We hope to do some upgrades on the downstairs kitchen in 2020. In February, we added new black out blinds to the Women’s latihan room (Chapel) which will reduce glare and enhance booking of classes in that space plus save energy.  Ricardo Santos, Debbie’s spouse, has also done lots of little fixes around the building and is an invaluable member of our team.

Twice a month, we have Rosy’s Cleaning Service comes in to clean the building which really helps keep the center very clean.   Also, we had a professional gardening service do a full leaf pickup and weeding plus clear our gutters. A new Subud member Aleta Blakeley  has also assisted with gardening work this winter and will continue into the Spring as needed.   Kudos too to Leandra and Honora Hildreth for staining the disabled ramp.



On behalf of all who work in our “Centerprise”, we are grateful to working for Subud and in harmony together.  The Centerprise is a key element in helping secure the building as primarily a space for Subud and the Latihan plus sharing it with the community and Airbnb guests from all over the globe.   We are all looking forward to serving the center in 2019. We especially wish to thank Jim (acting Chair) and Sherwin (Treasurer) who do an amazing job in supporting all this as volunteers on the committee.  We also look forward to working with the new committee who will be in place by February.  

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Important Announcements

Announcement #1

Subud Greater Seattle general meeting after Eastside Latihan Friday, January 11th.
This will be the last meeting before our annual meeting in Seattle on January 27th, when we will have testing and election of new officers.
We should have year-end reports from our esteemed treasurer, Air BnB manager, facilities manager, and event manager.
Hope you are able to come for Latihan and the meeting!

Announcement #2

Subud Greater Seattle Officers
Please consider testing for chair, and vice-chair; and also for appropriateness of serving as secretary, treasurer, or committee member at large.  All positions are needed.  Bapak has stated that when you get the job, you get the energy to do the job-and that it has personal benefit.  Please consider if now is the time to step up.  Subud Seattle needs you!

A regular practice of coming to group latihan is encouraged in order to reap the benefits of serving in any of these positions.

Announcement #3

Subud Greater Seattle annual meeting with testing and election of new officers will be after Latihan in Seattle Sunday, January 27.

Please come for Latihan and help select the people who will keep our spiritual group on course for the next two years.

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Help Support the Work of Subud!


Bapak 1975

Note from Rachman:  I found it easy to donate to Susila Dharma and Subud USA by going to the Subud USA site and filling out the form there.  It has a check box for donating to Susila Dharma and other Subud wings as well as to Subud USA with currently matching funds up to $15,000 till the end of the year!.  If you can afford it let’s help meet that goal!

A Message From Subud USA

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks to the generosity of Subud USA members like you, in 2018, we were able to support many programs that will advance the Subud legacy:

– We allocated $28,000 to fund expenses of our National Helpers as they travel from coast to coast, visiting Centers and Regions in support of our Subud USA members.

– This spring, in preparation for the Freiburg World Congress, our members again answered the call, contributing $13,000 to the Melinda Wallis Fund to ensure that we could offer travel assistance to those in need.

– Over the last 12 months, $8,500 was donated to facilitate the cataloging, preservation and maintenance of our irreplaceable Subud archives, which are managed in the U.S. under the professional guidance of archivist Daniela Moneta.

– In the global arena, Subud USA earmarks over $36,000 in donations each year to support the operations of both the World Subud Organization and Zone 7.

There are other exciting developments across our Subud community as well. We are observing a surge in engagement of our younger Subud members, who are now moving into positions of responsibility as regional/national/zonal officers, helpers and representatives. This fall, many members who attend regional gatherings will be accompanied by their children, among whom are the next generation of Subud members and leaders.

The first steps, including approval from the regulator of the name and field of membership for the proposed Subud USA Federal Credit Union, have been completed. Although many steps are yet to be climbed before the credit union is established, we are excited about bringing to life what we believe is part of Bapak’s vision for Subud members in this world: a financial institution managed by Subud professionals that will support both our personal and organizational financial health.

We ask you today to donate to Subud USA (or continue your current gift) so that we can further our commitment to building a strong Subud family, both in the USA and around the world.

Please take a moment to complete our online donation form, which can be used either for one-time or ongoing financial gifts, or to indicate volunteer preferences. Help us bring Subud to all who wish to share in the gift of the latihan.

Sincerely, Lucas Boladian, Chair and Rafiq Dossani, Treasurer

A Message from Susila Dharma

Susila Dharma USA wishes you a very happy holiday season and a blessed new year!

Late autumn through the end of December is the season when we do our most intense fundraising. We hope that you pause for a moment to consider the wonderful work that Subud members have done around the world because of the inspiration of the latihan, and

join the Susila Dharma Network in supporting them. Please give generously; and, if you feel you can,  continue to give throughout the year by making yours a monthly donation. All you have to do is check off the box in the donation form on our website.  Donate now! With your help we continue to raise funds to support more than 20 projects here at home and throughout the world.

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Holiday Party SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2018


Let’s have a party! 



Come enjoy the holiday fun!

All come, bring instruments and your voices!

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Dewan Minutes October 6 2018

Subud Pacific Northwest – Greater Seattle Center

Dewan Minutes October 6, 2018

Attendees:  Jim O’Halloran (Acting Chair), Sherwin O’Bar (Treasurer), Leandra Hildreth (Secretary), Marston Gregory (Facilities), Devora Machado-Santos (Housekeeping), Paul Nelson (Rental Agent.)  Call to Order 10:19am. after Latihan

Jim mentions that he is acting Chair, as Honora Hildreth will not be available for Subud activities for the time being.

Financial Report:

$317 in red for 2018 The decision to payoff the SPNW loan with a $2,157 payment in June is a factor in this situation. We will pay off $2,157 in SPNW loans this year.  $6,562 is still due to SUSA  We will also pay off $1,717 in property insurance for 2018-2019.  Roughly 53% of the building is now taxable.  This will not be retroactive, so currently we have no previous tax liability.  In 2019 there will be an estimated $3,000-4,000 in estimated taxes due to business activities.  Property taxes are due in April and October. We can view tax liability online and Jim suggests referring to that when we create the 2019 budget.  Property insurance will be terminated at the end of June 2019 due to Airbnb activities.  This is currently covered by SUBUD PNW.   Seattle’s share is approximately $3,400.   SGS has paid half so far we will pay the remainder of approximately $1717 by concurrence of the committee.  We do have to file a general income tax for 2017 due to Airbnb and we get an extension in May.  We will report a several thousand dollar loss, which we need to report in the event of the possibility of future profitable years. We should also pay insurance in 2018, so as to further help our tax situation.   We are seeking a new treasurer so Sherwin is not wearing the SPNW and SGS hats.  This was discussed informally after the conclusion of the meeting, and is still pending.

Airbnb report:

Rentals are down 2.6% from last year, this is due to a high record last year in September of $9,933.  Airbnb revenues including all current October reservations is $66,620. October 2018 will likely exceed revenues of October 2017.  2019: New regulations will cap new Airbnb businesses. May work in our favor, may not. Unless we do something about capacity we will stay low.

House report:

Staining of disabled ramp:  Leandra.  Leandra intends to do it this coming Saturday after projected good weather Thursday and Friday.  She would like to be paid, and expects the total to be under $200.00

2019 house budget:

  • Painting:  Owl Painting will be submitting a new bid on this job.  His bid and work is so good I would go with him.  Other bids I got were much higher.  He has said he has found a new paint which he feels will work much better.  We will need to borrow money to do painting.  Need color scheme. From Insiah with 3 options. Marston will contact Insiah.  Possible house expansion: to open up attic to airbnb for additional rev. 2 or 3 years out. to add a shower to the building.  Need Blinds in living room.  Ok to delay.  Downstairs kitchen counter top. Ok to delay.

Insulation bid: The previous bid was $3700, and had an estimated return on investment of 8% per year.  However, the wiring above the rooms would have to be converted from the current knob and post-so the expense for that would reduce the return.  Maybe something for 2019 or 2020. Any changes that we make to the building must be reviewed in the tax status.

Childcare and testing results:

Once a month could be helpful. Right now is not needed. Refocus this energy. Kids are welcome at our upcoming dinner.  Childcare would need to be off site if during latihan.

Upcoming events:

Susila Dharma Dinner: Suggested donation.  Are kids at the same price point? Budgeted for 20-25 people right now.  Need: ask about childcare.  Rsvp by the 19th

Winter holiday get together: Hosted by Hadijah o’Bar.

Time: sundays are ok. potluck style.

SUBUD Ladies lunch: hosted by Hadijah O’Bar. Time: Lunch time ok.

New Business:

No helper report

No helpers were present by the time we got to this.  Lucinda mentioned earlier that the helpers have received the SUSA census, have distributed it, and the Women will get together soon to work on their part of it.  Marston mentioned that there seems to be a shortage of Women helpers-Hadijah Gregory has been meeting with an applicant as the current active helpers are overextended.  Debbie Santos would like to test as an applicant helper.

In need of women helpers. We need to recruit some candidate helpers.


Next SPNW meeting line of credit for next year at 10,000.

Next dewan meeting

 Saturday November 3rd 10AM

Next general meeting

 Sunday November 4th after Latihan (in Seattle).

Annual Meeting

 Sunday January 27 after Latihan

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Holiday Party SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2018

Let’s have a party! 



Come enjoy the holiday fun!

All come, bring instruments and your voices!

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Paradise Fire and Subud Family

Message from Reynold Weissinger  to the Subud Portland group regarding a Subud member who lost his home in the Paradise fire!

“I mentioned at our group meeting that I have been in touch with Olav Bryant Smith, a Subud member from Paradise, California.  He and wife Tara and their children all made it out safely but they have lost their house and possessions.
He mentions:  “We are fortunate compared to so many others in this situation. First of all, we had been attending church for the last 8 years in Chico, not Paradise. So our church “family” embraced us and helped us through the tragedy. We landed in one church friend’s home initially. Spent a few days in another woman’s home while she and her husband were vacationing, and finally transitioned into a dear elderly friend’s farm house on the outskirts of Chico. We are so fortunate. Moreover, we acted quickly, on Tara’s parents’ advice and help, to find a mobile home to buy in Chico before they all disappeared. We quickly made an offer that was accepted, contingent upon their finding a place. In this incredibly tight housing market, they had a bit of trouble finding a place, but on their third try succeeded. So we found out today that their offer had been accepted and that should mean (barring some unforeseen problem) that we’ll be able to move into the mobile home around mid-December. We have felt guided. God is good. And family and friends have been good. As I said, a friend from my Army days set up a GoFundMe.”
If you open the link below, you will see that he has already raised over $4,000, and the goal is $10,000.
You can also find Olav on Facebook, where he shares pictures.
I am sure you are joining me in keeping Olav and his family in our thoughts and prayers. “
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More Upcoming events!

The Subud Greater Seattle annual meeting will be in Seattle Sunday January 27th after Latihan.  We will be selecting new chair and vice-chair.  Please consider pre-testing with helpers for ANY of the positions-chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer.

The last approved dewan and general meeting minutes will be posted next week.

There will be a Friday general meeting on the Eastside after Latihan in January sometime before the annual meeting, date to be announced soon.

Winter Holiday get-together Sunday December 9th after Latihan.  It will be a potluck.  Hadijah O’Bar is the gracious host!

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