9 Days Until National Congress

A Few Rooms Are Still Available, But Time is Running Short!
TO REGISTER Call 800-595-7897 or Email Registrar
June 30 – July 4, 2017
Pearlstone Retreat and Conference Center
Reisterstown, Maryland

Click pictures below for complete details and registration.



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Update on our newest woman member

Here is some nice background information about Olivia Clare Barclay, whose opening on May 21 was previously noted.

“My name is Olivia Clare Barclay and I go by either Clare or Olive (I’ll answer to both and was brought up being called by my middle name). I’m originally from southern Utah. My father is Robert William Barclay and he’s been a member of Subud since the 70s. My two brothers and my mother have also been opened, though my mother doesn’t practice anymore. I have one fluffy white cat named Arty, who I love dearly. I’m currently a culinary lead for Grand Central Bakery and I’m really enjoying it! I look forward to getting to know everyone. I will be attending most Sundays.”



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A great post-Ramadan gift

If you have thought about making a Zakat donation after Ramadan, please check out the following Susila Dharma International information. The photos of SDI projects are beautiful.  Zakat details

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Great Create Information Posters now available for your bulletin board

Hi All,
We invite each and every one of you to be a part of and to promoted The Great Create. So, we’ve created two posters:
The announcement
The Rate Sheet

Please post them in your Subud houses and on your bulletin boards, refrigerators, or, where ever you store reminders for those things important to you.

Looking forward to seeing your Creativity Show Up August 24-27 at the Pilgrim Firs Retreat Center in beautiful Port Orchard, WA.

Oswald Norton, Subud PNW Regional Helper

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SUBUD USA National Gathering Program Now Available

SUBUD USA National Gathering
June 30 – July 4, 2017
Pearlstone Retreat and Conference Center
Reisterstown, Maryland

If you’ve been thinking about attend the National Gathering In Maryland, now’s the time to explore all that this gathering has to offer.

Just click the picture below to see the full program.

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What a day!

Welcome, Olivia Clare Barclay opened May 21, 2017

What a day! A lot happened on Sunday May 21. First we saw two new dogwood trees planted outside, had an exciting Dewan meeting at 9:30 (see Dewan Meeting Minutes here…), added a new woman member to our group, and enjoyed a delicious potluck.





The Dogwood Gang: Paul, Phillip, Marston and Halstein

The two dogwood trees replace the dying acacia tree that had been invaded by a fungus. Lucinda O’Halloran recommended this variety of dogwood because of its resistance to diseases.

It’s great when cooks include a list of ingredients.

We love to eat. And what a feast this was, featuring two hearty stews,  a rich variety of salads and delicacies like latkes and sour cream, homemade hummus, cornbread, roasted root veggies and gluten-free brownies.

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