100 Day Selametan for Paul E Nelson Sr.

100 Day Selametan for Paul E. Nelson Sr. Tuesday, August 19th

Starting at 7PM, Tuesday, August 19th, at the Seattle Subud House, Paul Nelson will be hosting remembrance of his Father Paul E Nelson Senior marking the 100th Day since his passing. He died May 11, 2014, at his home in Chicago, Illinois, in his bed. Paul Jr. will be reading poems written for his Father and telling stories about growing up as his son. Some food and light beverages will be provided.

Paul E Nelson Sr. in 1984 (photo by Barb Nelson) December 27, 1928 - May 11, 2014

Paul E Nelson Sr. in 1984 (photo by Barb Nelson)
December 27, 1928 – May 11, 2014

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New Beds

As approved by the Dewan at the July 7 meeting (see: http://subudgreaterseattle.com/dewan-meeting-minutes-july-7-2014/) the house has 5 new beds to support the visits of visiting Subud members and our growing Airbnb lodgers. Marston helped prepare the four bedrooms in the house for the beds.

The old beds were donated to the family of B and Natasha who live in public housing across the street. They were grateful for the donation and the bed deliverymen brought the largest of the beds to their apartment!

To see our current Airbnb listings click here for Room 1: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3143227
Room 2 is here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2593263
Room 3: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1763809 and
Room 4: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2593176

Marston has also helped create some other updates to the house including the repair of the ceiling fans in the Chapel and a repair of the deck outside the 2nd floor. Subud member Paul Truitt completed the work yesterday.

Marston Welcomes Bed Delivery

Marston Welcomes Bed Delivery

Marston guides new bed delivery guys.

Marston guides new bed delivery guys.

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Subud Dewan Meeting Minutes

Dewan Meeting, July 7, 2014 9:24A

Attending: Hadiyah Carlyle, Sherwin O’Bar, Oswald Norton, Marston Gregory, Hadijah O’Bar, Elisha Gullixson, Paul Nelson, Jim O’Halloran and David Lynch and Maryka Ford

Regarding minutes of the last meeting, Oswald will post them on the website and they were approved by the Dewan.

Financial report: Sherwin says $28,189 for total inflows, $8,700 in donations and $19,000 rent income. Outflows $23,000, not including some rental expenses. June rental $7,700, but about $4,000 in costs due to June activities that have not yet been reported. They will appear in July. Overall net $4,953, but rental costs and security deposits are factored in. The new dryer, housekeeping costs, maintenance and other costs will lead us to a projected year-end net at $4,000. This is if Airbnb rental income continues.  Sherwin suggests we wait in increasing our loan payments to Subud USA and the Regional Housing fund. Treasurer’s report was approved. Elisha made the motion, Hadiyah seconded.

Spring Street Center: Marston reports Airbnb has exploded, as evidenced by the June revenues. Marston suggested we break out Airbnb revenues from other revenues. The old dryer broke and we’ve purchased a commercial-level dryer with a five year service agreement. Paul Truitt is going to fix the deck upstairs. We also have a new toilet upstairs and it is dual flush, so that should reduce water costs. Five people are getting some revenue from the Centerprise. Paul suggested we go easy on raising rates, perhaps buy a nice bed and fix up room 2 and raise the rates there. As to rates, Paul suggests we raise rates in Room 2 $20 once we get new beds and raise rates in Room 3 and 4 by $10 also. Marston talked about bed costs being $110 a month for all 5 new beds from Sleep Country at 24 months with no interest. The rate increase and bed purchase was proposed by Paul and seconded by Hadiyah and passed the committee.

Regarding taxes, Paul went to City Hall and found out our liability for municipal taxes kicks in at $100,000 in revenue and then is taxed at .00215. He will go to the State to determine any liabilities. In addition, our shift to a tax status as Religion may also lower tax liabilities. We will need a Seattle Business License.

Insurance report: Sherwin talked to Becky Porter and asked about increasing the value of the house from $450,000 to $750,000 would raise the annual premium to $403 and an additional $852 if the value of the house is $1,000,000. Whether this is full-replacement cost is unknown. Our current insurance is $1,200 annually. The discussion centered on whether we should have the building appraised. Hadiyah moved that we raise our insurance coverage to reflect a value $750,000. Oswald seconded the motion. The motion passed.

David Lynch will endeavor to get an appraisal for the house.

Paul reminded the Dewan that we need to replace the doors leading out from the Chapel.

Backup during the World Congress: Rachel Hug will handle rentals. Jim O’Halloran is an emergency contact during that time.

Rent Proposal: Robina Page’s July 5 email expressed concerns about the Handicap Ramp proposal, most notably that no fees or permits were included. Sherwin pointed out that fees and permit costs were not included in the RampArts bid. Sherwin suggests we only accept any potential grant from the Muhammed Subud Foundation be accepted if we have three bids. Oswald Norton will procure a 3rd bid for the project. David will also add the additional costs of the door construction and the 3rd bid will also include those costs. Paul moved that we approve the grant application for the ramp once we get the new bid from David and from Sherwin’s contact. Hadiyah seconded and the motion passed.

Celebration of World Congress. On August 24 after latihan, we will share our World Congress experience and will honor the new Subud USA Chair, local member Daniel Stralberg and the Dewan will not meet in August.

Women’s helper report: Lucy Brown is recovering from an accident will not be active as a local helper until she recovers. Anne Padilla, Hadijah Obar and Lorraine Tedrow are current local Women Helpers. Lorraine Tedrow will attend Thursday nights to help increase attendance on that night. 

The relevance of the House Rules are being reconsidered by the Dewan and the local men and women helpers and a proposal to the membership is forthcoming based in part on testing by local helpers.

Men’s Helper report: Halstein reported that Jim, Abadeen, Paul and himself are the Men helpers in Seattle. Halstein noticed that the instances that resulted in the adoption of the House Guidelines were affecting the atmosphere here when he arrived and that we need to learn to be more accepting in general. Oswald noticed that there is a shift in the energy of this issue on a spiritual level and an increasing harmony.

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Subud Greater Seattle Dewan Meeting Minutes, Sunday, 6/9/14

Included in these minutes:

  • Financial Report
  • National Congress Report
  • We offer Daniel Stralberg the new Subud USA National Chair a big congratulations and would like to offer him our support.
  • Endowment Fund Policies:
  • Custodial Fund:
  • Revision of Membership Classification:
  • Subud National Enterprise:
  • Helper Report
  • Spring Street Center Report
  • Puebla Congress Update

For the complete minutes go here.

Note: We did not have a Dewan meeting in May

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Subud Greater Seattle Minutes General Meeting 5/18/14

Topics discussed with the membership included these topics:

Financial Report
National Agenda
Spring Street Center

For more information, please go here.

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Two applicants have withdrawn their request for a grant to attend the Subud World Congress 2014. The Grant Committee has decided to reopen applications to Subud Greater Seattle members only.

The grant is for $1100. It may be used only to defray direct costs of congress.

Email Marston Gregory on or before June 20th. He will forward a Grant Application. Funds will sent by July 1, 2014. Be aware – the price of registration jumps to $650 after June 30, 2014.

Since other Subud Pacific Northwest centers are doing their own fundraising, this one grant is now limited to Subud Greater Seattle members only.

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100 Day Selametan for Lionnell Covert Sunday, June 8th

Lionnell Covert

This Sunday, June 8th, at the Seattle Subud House, Oswald and Rayma Norton will be hosting remembrance of Lionnell Covert marking the 100th Day since his passing after the Latihan. He was a long time member of our community and died February 28th in Crestone, Colorado.

We will provide light refreshments.  You are encouraged to bring a dish of your own that Lionnell might have enjoyed.


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Subud Canada National Gathering June 20-22



Join our northern neighbors for a Subud gathering Canada-style at Crescent Beach, in Surrey, BC, June 20-22. See: http://www.subud.ca/national-gathering-agm




4 – 6 pm – Registration, relaxing, meeting old friends and new, exploring Crescent Beach and village, ice-creams, coffees ….

6 – 7:30 pm – BBQ Supper from Kumari’s Kitchen – come enjoy!

7:30 pm – Latihan

8:30 pm – Opening Circle – All Welcome   Followed by:

Sunset Beach Walk

Spirit Talk about our Subud-related experiences

Melodious Musicians around the campfire


7 am – Summer Solstice Low-Tide Beach and Barefoot Grass Walk

8 – 9 am – Breakfast
9 – 10 am – Latihan 

10 am – 12 Noon – Subud Canada AGM (Delegates & observers)

10 am – 12 Noon – Kejiwaan Activities (Non-Delegates)

10 am – 12 Noon – Other Activities, Beach, Nature Trails, etc.

12- 1 pm – Lunch

1 – 2 pm – Testing for incoming National and Regional Helpers 

2 – 5 pm – AGM Presentations and Discussions

2 – 5 pm – Workshops and Activities

Creative Writing Workshop

Find Your Inner Rhymer – Rhymes for Fun, Rhymes for Friends, Rhymes as Prayers and for Making Amends

Solstice Explained – What on Earth is Happening?

Other workshops, to be confirmed at Opening Circle

2 – 5 pm – Personal Testing (sign-up sheets available on-site)

5 – 6:30 pm – Supper  – Dress your best to celebrate Bapak’s Birthday (already morning in Indonesia) (22 June 1901–1987) 

7 pm – Bapak’s Birthday Latihan and testing 

8 – 11 pm – Subud Cultural Evening 


8 – 9 am – Breakfast

9  – 10 am – Latihan

10 am – Subud Canada Congress

Nominations, testing and voting for Subud Canada Chair, Western Regional Chair, SICA Canada Rep, and Subud Canada Housing Fund Directors

10 – 11:30 am – Workshops and Activities, to be announced

11:30 – Noon – Room and Camp Clean-Up

12 – 1 pm – Lunch and Room Key Hand-in
1 – 1:45 pm – Closing Circle

1:45 – 2 pm – Farewells, group photos

2:00 pm – Gather outside Camp to enjoy the beach, explore Crescent Beach village together, and hang out for the afternoon (more coffees, teas, ice-cream, sorbets …..)

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Daniel Stralberg New Chair of Subud USA

Today at the National Congress outside Pittsburgh, PA, our own Daniel Stralberg was named Chair of Subud USA. It is a two-year term. 

Daniel Stralberg New Subud USA Chair

Daniel Stralberg New Subud USA Chair

From Sebastian Tedrow:


We had a wonderful National Congress in Pittsburgh this past weekend! Please welcome our new Subud USA committee and wing chairs:

Chair: Daniel Stralberg (Seattle)
Vice Chair: Mary Wold (Midwest Regional)
Committee Councilor: Muftiah McCartin (Washington DC)
Treasurer: still open
Secretary: still open
SES (Subud Enterprises Services): still open
SYA (Subud Youth Activities): Mahallia Ward Pollard (Chicago) and Dexter Douglass (New York)
SD (Susila Dharma): Evan Padilla continues for 1 more year
SICA (Subud International Cultural Association USA): Mhd. Isman Kanafsky continues for 1 more year
Please contact Daniel at dstralberg@hotmail.com if you are interested in one of the open positions.

Also a big thanks to our outgoing officers Shoshanah Margolin, Lucian Parshall, Morris McClellan, Hamidatun Karapetian, Hanafi Fraval and Levana Fraval.

More details on the congress will come next week in our e-blast and newsletter!

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Moving Sale

Longtime Subud members Lewis and Darlene Olds are selling their home and moving to Arizona. They asked that we share this information:

This message contains a link to our Craigslist ad for our moving sale Friday May 23- Sunday May 25

Moving to Arizona – Big Sale


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