Book Lodging Now for the World Congress

Are you planning on going to the World Congress? It will be held during the height of the tourist season in Germany, so now is the time to locate and reserve your lodging.

Go here for the latest World Congress news:

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If you are going to the Great Create… you have space in your vehicle for another delightful passenger and her gear? Your editor will be leading a fantastic class—if she can get there.

What’s the class? What else? Bug Draw. Yup. We find ‘em, we bag ‘em, we study ‘em, we draw ‘em. Then we take them back where they came from—alive.

I’m an easy jaunt from a freeway, located on NE 75th and 21st in Seattle, a bit south of Lake City Way and North from the U-District. (206-778-3227)


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Profile of Rachman Cantrell’s Dad

Great article that longtime member Rachman Cantrell posted on Facebook about his Dad. From the article:

…“I’m his son,” answered the kind voice of Rachman Cantrell, 74, from his collectibles shop, Bothell Jewelers & Collectibles, all the way across the country in Bothell, WA.

I must’ve sounded oddly euphoric over the phone, but I’d just spent numerous hours over the course of a few days researching his rather eccentric and entrepreneurial father, Clifford, the author and publisher of the brief autobiographical spiritual tract Holy Stone Mountain (c. 1975), but had turned up next to nothing until that moment. I’d gleaned from online mentions here and there that for many decades he’d been the proprietor of several iterations of a long bygone used and collectibles store in Metro Atlanta—from Jonesboro to the West End to Decatur—variously called C.E. Cantrell’s Quick Picture Studio (he was quite the amateur photographer), Cantrell’s Oddity Shop, Cantrell’s Books & Oddities, Cantrell’s Swap Sell & Buy Service Storehouse of Used Bargains, Cantrell’s Book Swapping Center, and the last known storefront, Cantrell’s Books & Things in Decatur. He was probably regarded by many not only as a self-made man but as a bit of a curiosity himself for his singular zeal about Stone Mountain that verged on messianic. He believed God was inside the mountain and described it sincerely in his 62-page book…

Holy Stone Mountain | Remembering C.E. Cantrell

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Flash news for friends of Lucida Garneau and/or Michael Chapman

lucida Garneau and Michael Chapman, July 22, 2017 wedding picture

Lucida Garneau and Michael Chapman were married on July 22, 2017 in New Zealand.

Just this morning, your editor received this announcement in an email from Lucida. They arrived in Vancouver BC a few days ago and are currently on Vancouver Island, resting up from their New Zealand adventure before visiting Seattle. They plan to attend our August 6 Latihan in Seattle.

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Check it out: July 23 Dewan Meeting Minutes now posted.

Find out what your committee has been doing.

The latest Dewan Meeting Minutes include the information about an upcoming Regional helper visit to our group, the fall Volunteer Recognition Party, and more.

Dewan Meeting Minutes July 23, 2017

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Dewan Meeting Minutes July 23, 2017

SUBUD GREATER SEATTLE COMMITTEE MINUTES                                                 July 23, 2017

ATTENDEES: Honora Hildreth, Jim O’Halloran, Hadiyah Carlyle, Marston Gregory (ex-officio).

Minutes from June 25, 2017 were approved unanimously.

FINANCIAL: Sherwin had an unexpected emergency so could not attend.


Honora is working to coordinate the calendar and is in touch with Hadijah O’Bar, helper.

The Volunteer Celebration is planned for Oct 15, 2017. Lorraine has sent a letter outlining this celebration: the purpose of this event is to celebrate our history as a group and the many people who have contributed to the functioning of our group. The following have agreed to be responsible for designated tasks: Overall coordination – Lorraine. Inspiration, vision, and invitations – Hadiyah. Food – Debbie, Clean Up – Jim.

We discussed the cost and propose a $15 donation per person; no one will be left out if they can’t contribute.

Marston submitted a letter outlining recent projects (see last month’s SGS newsletter). His updates about current and future projects are very helpful.

A Regional Helper visit is planned for September 2017, but a firm date has not been set yet for this visit. Honora will arrange for the visit.

The results of the dewan testing on harmony and communication were not available. There were no helpers present to present them, so we tabled this for next month.


Honora will talk to Oswald about setting up an SGS Meeting on the East side. Either Sept. 8 or Sept. 15 has been designated for the meeting to focus on communication and member updates.

A plan has been worked out for the regional monthly phone meeting. Jim will be back up to Honora.

Jim brought up the lack of active helpers at this meeting, and the frequent absence of men helpers in all the Dewan meetings. To encourage participation, Honora will email all the helpers with the dates of the meetings.

Future Meetings: the next Dewan Latihan will be Aug. 6 at 10:00 am. The next Dewan meeting will be at 9:30 on Aug. 20.

Respectfully submitted

Hadiyah Carlyle, Secretary

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Current Dewan Minutes and the Latest House Improvements

Find out what has changed in our Subud House–landscaping, minor renovations, cleaning and organizing–and what is planned or hoped for in the near future.

Details about this and the most recent Dewan Meeting Minutes at Dewan Meeting Minutes June 25, 2017


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9 Days Until National Congress

A Few Rooms Are Still Available, But Time is Running Short!
TO REGISTER Call 800-595-7897 or Email Registrar
June 30 – July 4, 2017
Pearlstone Retreat and Conference Center
Reisterstown, Maryland

Click pictures below for complete details and registration.



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Update on our newest woman member

Here is some nice background information about Olivia Clare Barclay, whose opening on May 21 was previously noted.

“My name is Olivia Clare Barclay and I go by either Clare or Olive (I’ll answer to both and was brought up being called by my middle name). I’m originally from southern Utah. My father is Robert William Barclay and he’s been a member of Subud since the 70s. My two brothers and my mother have also been opened, though my mother doesn’t practice anymore. I have one fluffy white cat named Arty, who I love dearly. I’m currently a culinary lead for Grand Central Bakery and I’m really enjoying it! I look forward to getting to know everyone. I will be attending most Sundays.”



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A great post-Ramadan gift

If you have thought about making a Zakat donation after Ramadan, please check out the following Susila Dharma International information. The photos of SDI projects are beautiful.  Zakat details

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