If you are going to the Great Create…

..do you have space in your vehicle for another delightful passenger and her gear? Your editor will be leading a fantastic class—if she can get there.

What’s the class? What else? Bug Draw. Yup. We find ‘em, we bag ‘em, we study ‘em, we draw ‘em. Then we take them back where they came from—alive.

I’m an easy jaunt from a freeway, located on NE 75th and 21st in Seattle, a bit south of Lake City Way and North from the U-District.

Hariana@rocketmail.com (206-778-3227)


About Hariana Chilstrom

Hariana Chilstrom is a veteran Subud member and (currently) inactive helper. A writer, artist and photographer, she is a longtime science educator with an MA in zoology. You can contact her at hariana@rocketmail.com
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