International Helpers Visit the NW

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Our International Helpers will be visiting the Pacific Northwest.

Hamilton Schragen

Hamilton Schragen Victor, BC, Canada

Grace Hodgson

Grace Hodgson, Montreal, Canada

Daniela Urratia

Daniela Urrutia Cali, Columbia








Reynaldo Mosquera, Bogotá, Columbia

Reynaldo Mosquera

They will be stopping in Seattle, Bellingham/Skagit Valley and Portland.  We would like to invite every one of you to come to one of the centers that will host them.  There will be general latihans, awareness testing, personal testing, great meals and great conversation at each of the centers.

They will be arriving in Seattle on Thursday, May 17th.  Here is the itinerary:

•    Thursday, May 17th – Seattle – 6:00 PM dinner, 7:45 PM latihan
•    Friday, May 18th – 11A – 1P, Personal Testing in Seattle, then off to Bellingham/Skagit Valley for Evening latihan/testing –
•    Saturday, May 19th – Seattle – 10:15 AM latihan, lunch then general and personal testing in the afternoon.  Helper latihan and testing in the late afternoon and evening.
•    Sunday, May 20th – Portland – 10:00AM latihan, testing and lunch to follow through the afternoon.

Please set these dates aside and plan on joining us.

Thank you,

Ramon Hildreth – Subud PNW Regional Chair
Evan Padilla – Subud Greater Seattle Chair
Roseanna Page – Subud Bellingham/Skagit Valley Chair
Reynold Orchard – Subud Portland Chair

About Paul

A Subud member since 2004, a local helper and the Rental Agent for Subud Greater Seattle since 2011, Paul helps manage the Subud Greater Seattle website, is a poet with 4 published books on poetry and poetics and is father to two beautiful girls.
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