Marston Gregory Interview

Marston Gregory

Marston Gregory

#2 in a series of interviews with Subud members on how they were opened, the early history of Subud Greater Seattle (if applicable) and their experience with the latihan, is with Marston Gregory. More than any other Subud Greater Seattle member, Marston keeps the house going. He cleans, repairs and even cleans up after neighborhood dogs. 

In the opening segment Marston discussed his June 1973 opening in Subud, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, how he was introduced to Subud through the mime community (a common experience) through Richmond Shepard and how he ended up moving to Seattle after having a “blueberry aha moment.” Part 1 (6:00)

In segment two, Marston talked about his early days in Seattle with his wife Hadidjah, how the Branchflowers (Frederick and Melanie) welcomed them into the Subud community (& hosted them) and his experience with Hope Street Hall, the Subud House in L.A. that they used as a rental property. With Marty Arquette, he was manager of that facility and talked about one of the more difficult rentals at that center, as well as some of the positions he has held at different levels of the Subud organization, locally, regionally and nationally. Part 2 (6:46)

In the third segment, Marston discussed the renovations of the Subud House in Seattle, how local members prepared the house for Bapak’s December 1977 visit, and the work of Aliza Albernoz to clean and begin to renovate the house, as well as the renovation efforts organized by committees led by Lewis Olds and Sebastian Tedrow and Insiah Caspers. The old furnace, the leaky windows, the roof that was several layers of shingles without any plywood, the siding (cedar shake) and the community fundraising campaign to purchase chairs to make the house suitable for rentals. Part 3 (10:40)

Marston Leads the Mime Car at the 2010 National Congress

Marston Leads the Mime Car at the 2010 National Congress


In segment four, Marston went into detail about how he learned that employment of French drains was the method which worked best at making damp places dry, like the basement where men in Seattle practice latihan. He discussed the roles of Insiah Capers and Lucinda O’Halloran is helping make the house more environmentally friendly, how his background as a Building Biologist helped focus his efforts and other “green” touches, including paint and new energy-efficient appliances. He discussed the volunteer-labor painting party and how a workshop also resulted in applying clay to the walls of the men’s latihan hall. Part 4 (9:40)

In the final segment, Marston discussed the wiring of the Subud House during renovations and some of the other current renovation needs remain at the Subud House in Seattle, including creating handicapped access. He discussed how the name Spring Street Center was chosen and why an additional name is required to create a separate identity for a rental property. He also discussed the very first rental as Spring Street Center, a Catholic Preist from the Philippines giving a mass in the chapel. He also discussed  his thoughts about the future of Subud. Part 5 (11:15)

About Paul

A Subud member since 2004, a local helper and the Rental Agent for Subud Greater Seattle since 2011, Paul helps manage the Subud Greater Seattle website, is a poet with 4 published books on poetry and poetics and is father to two beautiful girls.

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