Ever Wonder How To Turn Your Feather Collection Into Art?

Have you ever been fascinated by feathers you’ve found while walking in the woods?  I have and kept them as reminders of nature.  I saved them in jars.  I added them to dream catchers.  Chris Maynard, son of Bob and Andrea Maynard, long time Seattle Subud members, uses them to create art.  Using the fine surgical magnifying glasses and intricate cutting tools from Bob Maynard’s surgery, he cuts tiny birds and other animals out of feathers.

He turns them into bird song, SINGING BIRD 34

Or, creates a joke, “What Happens When the Raven Croaks”

You only have until June 4th to catch this exhibit and it’s worth the short ferry ride from the Seattle Ferry Terminal to the Bainbridge Island Terminal and then a very short walk up the hill to the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

It’s free…And Amazing. Now where will you find that combination again?

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Connect, a beautiful new online publication of the World Subud Association, will keep you informed about current happenings, Subud history and more. This, the second edition, focuses strongly on Subud Youth, detailing Basara, the recent gathering in Kalimantan. There’s lots more at:  Connection



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Please join us after our regular Latihan on the 21st.

You’ll learn more about our group’s history*, and the vital role played by past and present volunteers to make our organization work. Volunteers work on committees, perform helper duties (yes, helpers are volunteers), clean up and beautify our garden and parking strip, enhance and maintain the building, bring food, and lots more. Our Subud House is beautiful and functional largely because of volunteers.

*Who are these guys ?Hamilton Snyder, Sebastian (Robert) Tedrow, Elisha Gullixon and Rayner Burrows in an undated photo c/o Lorraine Tedrow.


If you’re planning to come, PLEASE BRING A FOOD OR BEVERAGE ITEM to share. Everyone’s contribution is very welcome. It helps to create a hearty and healthy lunch for all celebrants.

If you know what you want to bring, go for it. Folks with food sensitivities appreciate ingredient labels on your dish. If you have questions, please contact the food coordinator, Lorraine Tedrow: ltedrow2012@gmail.com or 360-708-2706

Yum: roasted veggie dish with kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, rutabagas and fresh rosemary from the O’Bar’s garden.

And a few more blasts from the past unearthed by Lorraine:

Ibu Rahayu and Kathy Zink in the Subud House in 1977



Yes, it’s Sebastian (Robert) Tedrow in front, and Lorraine   Tedrow at back left and Helaine Burrows on the right.


And now, for something more current,  our wonderful                           EARTH DAY CLEANUP CREW

“Saturday April 23 there were only four of us:  Hadidjah and Marston, Phillip and myself.  Given the impending raining forecast for the day we focused on weeding and prepping the parking strip for grass seed.  That day was Hadijah’s first time weeding ever!  She and I focused on the winter weeds and bluebells.  We debated about the bluebells and after much thought, she decided they needed to go as they were in the process of overtaking the garden.  She and I focused on two small areas that we knew we could finish before the rain set in.  And guess what?  We accomplished our goal with great satisfaction.  She had a great time and was ready to come back the next day for more.”  lucinda O’Halloran



The following day saw Phillip, back again, with Marston and Hariana working on the parking strips.


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Considering Observing Ramadan?

(This was re-published from a 2012 post, with dates changed to reflect 2017 Ramadan.)


From the National Helpers and Office

CONSIDERING OBSERVING RAMADAN? Below is a compilation of information about it, “Subud style”, and also there is information at the bottom about where to order tapes of Bapak talks in various formats.

Note to all: we are not sending out this information because we are urging people to do Ramadan, or because Subud espouses one religion over another. Bapak recommended that  fasting has value for us individually, and we know that some members observe Lent or Yom Kippur instead of Ramadan, or do their own private form of fasting.
(See Bapak’s letter to a member on this topic, at the end of this message)


1. To print out Bapak talks,or listen to or download  talks, go to


You can do a search,using key words, so you can ask for Ramadan Talks.AUDIO TALKS ARE MARKED BY TOPIC,SO ITS EASY TO FIND THE RAMADAN TALKS

2.Subud Books are available from  www.bythewaybooks.com
Or go to –
Click on Subud Books and Media

WHEN DOES Ramadan start this year?
Ramadan in North America, begins on the evening of  Friday, May 26, 2017, so that the first day of fasting would be May 27, 2017.

For those observing the fast of Ramadan

Explanations of the Ramadan Calendar
Compiled from explanations given by Bapak, by Mas Sudarto and by Mas Prio

Eve of Ramadan:  The way to observe Ramadan is to take a full bath, including hair washing, and also cutting the hair and the nails, the evening before the fast.  Then, after you are clean, to state your wish to observe Ramadan as a sincere expression of your worship of Almighty God.  Then stay up at night, preferably spending the night together with other Subud brothers and sisters, in the home of a member who is also observing Ramadan.

Around three o’clock in the morning, you should take breakfast and you should brush your teeth no later than 4:30 in the morning, and after this, no more smoking, not even gargling till 6:30 PM or 7:00 PM – along about sunset.  (The local mosque can clarify as to the hour for breaking the fast.)

To break the fast, start slowly by drinking warm tea and a light snack; you can eat your dinner about half an hour or an hour later.  Bapak also recommends no sexual union during the whole month of Ramadan.  It is also beneficial to sleep as little as possible during Ramadan, not only on Nights of Power.

During the month of Ramadan: it is not permitted to have sexual intercourse, and our fasting must also include abstention from the following:
a)  We must not use our ears to listen to gossip, quarrels or bad words.
b)  We must not use our mouth to say anything wrong or unkind.
c)  We must not use the emotions to reach the emotions or passions of others.
d)  We must not use our eyes in a way that is not good or nice.
e)  We must not use the heart and mind to imagine or think about unhappy things, fantasies or unrealities.
f)  We must not eat or drink or smoke anything between dawn and sunset each day.

During the month of Ramadan, we have to fast thirty days, and during the thirty days of fasting we go through three important periods:

The first ten days (ending evening of 9th day  Ramadan):
This is a period of putting the passion in an inactive state.  During this period we are made aware that our passions become weaker and weaker day by day, and on the 9th day of fasting, it is felt that our passion is completely inactive.

The second ten days (ending evening of 19th day Ramadan):
This is a period of becoming aware that in general our attitude and actions are guided by our inner-self and the guidance day by day becomes stronger and stronger and on the 19th day of fasting our actions are as if in a complete latihan state, but in harmony with our daily activities.

The last ten days (ending evening of 30th  day of  Ramadan):
This is a period of receiving the lailatu ‘lkadar (the Nights of Power), and this is sent by God on the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th days of fasting.  This lailatu ‘lkadar is not something that falls from above, but it forms a certain power which can change our state.
Most of the Subud members who fasted felt, after completing the fasting, that there were changes to their inner.  Mostly, their spirit to worship became stronger and stronger and also the intention of doing ‘prihatin’ became stronger and stronger.

LAILATUL-QADR (The evening preceding 27th day Ramadan):  Although it is generally accepted in the Moslem community that the last ten days of Ramadan are days of receiving, this particular evening is celebrated with special prayer, in the Moslem community, because it is thought that this is the day upon which the Messenger Muhammad received the verses of the Qu’ran.

TAK-BARAN: (30th day Ramadan):  The last day of fasting.  Sundown marks the end of the month.

The Night of Forgiveness.  At the end of Ramadan, we again take a full bath and put on new clothes, and then we should go to our family and our friends and ask forgiveness for whatever sin we have done.  This is a time of special celebration and thanks to Almighty God.


With thanks to Leonard Dixon for the compilation of the info from Bapak, Mas Sudarto and Mas Prio.

smallbapak2.bmp (3632058 bytes)
Lent and Ramadhan
Letter to a member in England
Pewarta, March 1970

Copyright © 2007 the World Subud Association.  All rights reserved.CodeNumber:70TJK3 ProvisionalTranslationForSubudMembersOnly

To a member in England In reality, Lent and Ramadhan have equal value.  Christians feel that fasting in Lent is very important for them because it is derived and adapted from what was done and experienced by Jesus Christ.
You say that Jesus Christ carried out the religious observance of fasting in the wilderness for forty days at the time of Lent.  This may be taken to mean that Jesus Christ fasted during this time so that his inner feeling might be swept clean of the influence of the nafsu causing darkness (wilderness) within.
For Muslims, the religious observance of fasting in the month of Ramadhan is the same.  This too is derived and adapted from what was done and experienced by the Prophet Muhammad.

It is told that the Prophet Muhammad fasted in a cave at that time (this too means in darkness ).  He carried out the religious observance of fasting in the cave so that the inner feeling could be swept clean of the influence of the nafsu causing darkness.  It is therefore said that the revelation that he was to be the Messenger of God came to him in the cave.  In other words, it was then that he received the first command of the One God.

This is Bapak’s explanation concerning these two religious observances of fasting, as seen from the spiritual point of view.  So Bapak feels that Lent and Ramadhan are of equally great and high value.

Furthermore, any individual Christians, or Christians in general, may follow the religious observance of fasting during Ramadhan if they wish to do so, because, although this is not usually customary for Christians, if the fast is observed it is also a method whereby the influence of the nafsu, which always constitutes a temptation and a hindrance to the quiet of the inner feeling, can be separated and swept away from the inner feeling.  Conversely, it is the same for Muslims who wish to carry out the religious observance of fasting during Lent.

Now, of course, you ask: how is it for us or for Subud members?
Bapak would like you to know that, because our brotherhood of Susila Budhi Dharma consists of members of various nationalities and religions, it is best for each member to observe the fast of his own religion unless he wishes to observe another as well.

Concerning the explanation you may want about prihatin: This actually is cutting down one’s pleasures in eating, sleeping and other enjoyments.  For, if one practices prihatin, the heart is accustomed not to be deceived all the time by the nafsu.  If the nafsu, which arise in the heart and mind, are not given their way so much (that is, if one restricts the pleasures of eating and sleeping and restrains the nafsu of anger and greed which drive away all contentment) then the nafsu will automatically weaken, and a feeling of patience, surrender, trust and sincere submission will become manifest.
Prihatin may be practiced by anyone wishing to do so, anyone who hopes to become a person of patience who surrenders with trust and sincere submission to the Will of Almighty God.  Usually when a person can really carry this out his situation will be one of well being and happiness.
This kind of prihatin may be done by way of fasting every Monday and Thursday, without saur (that means without eating in the middle of the night) or by cutting down on one’s food every day; for instance, if one is accustomed to having beefsteak and potatoes, then one eats only potatoes and vegetables, provided one does not take too much of these either.  One can also cut down on sleep; not sleeping often with one’s wife and not sleeping before midnight.

This is done in the hope that one’s life situation, or one’s lot in life, may improve; also so that one’s inner feeling, which still continues to feel dark or hindered by the influence of the nafsu, may become calm and quiet and the influence of the nafsu, which always interferes with the calm and quiet of the inner feeling, may be avoided.

This is why Bapak always says that a good and noble life can be achieved only if one really practices prihatin beforehand.  It must be remembered that even Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad did this.  How much more does an ordinary person need it.  One should not be quick to complain so often, or to feel despair just because one lacks things in life, nor should one feel overjoyed if one happens to have unusually good fortune.

This is Bapak’s answer to your question.  Bapak gives praise and thanks to Almighty God and hopes that you will accept the above explanation in a good way.

From Bapak


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Report on the Regional Helper Visit to Portland April 22 & 23

Women’s Report from Elizabeth Flanders

On the women’s side, we tested with three ladies on Saturday. The questions were about important life issues and the women left satisfied. Praise God!

There were around 25 women for the group latihan and testing. First we tested the purpose of the gathering, the gifts waiting and the state to be in to receive them.

Next we tested for each to receive a question. About 10 women stepped forward with questions about compassion, unconditional love, grieving, surrender, forgiveness and peace. We didn’t share about what we received. I’m all for clear communication, but there is a plus side to not talking, but just being together in the latihan.

After group testing, we offered awakening testing for those interested. We had 15 participate including us.

The luncheon was wonderful. I haven’t known the Portland group very well, just faces from events. I had so many in depth conversations with folks for the first time! I loved it!

We got enthusiastic feedback from the women members, all very positive.

Men’s Report from Elisha Gullixson

Our schedule began at 4:30 on Saturday, doing some personal testing with one of the Portland brothers.

Sunday morning latihan was attended by (I didn’t count the house) upwards of 20 men, and almost all stayed afterward for the testing and discussion.

Testing questions were volunteered from the group.  Subjects included surrender and how to do it, latihan and life, faith and trust; one question engendered another, and in the end touched on a broader array of subjects than I can remember here.  Then an animated discussion about the helper’s group solidarity bubbled to the surface.

There was an open concern about reaching out to newer members, especially those with different lifestyles. There was a definite sense of unburdening and opening up, which seemed to me to lead to acceptance and mutual understanding.

Afterward, the entire assembly, men and women, piled into the kitchen/social area for lunch.  Portland potlucks have a ‘flavor’ all their own, delicious and nutritious.  Lunchtime was leisurely and extended, everyone obviously enjoying each others’ company.

The resumption of kedjiwaan activities was economical, mostly just a look-in at some small left over questions.  The major issues had been addressed in the morning session.

The feedback that I heard indicated the Portland people were appreciative of the event, and glad they were there.

Future Events:

  • Subud Greater Seattle visit (Date TBD)
  • Southern Oregon visit (Date TBD)
  • The Great Create: Aug. 24th to 27th
  • Menucha: Nov. 9th to 12th
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April 2017 Dewan Meeting Minute Highlights

Find out why our AirBnB sales are up, how Family Camp has been transformed this year, what we are planning to celebrate Earth Day this year, plans for a party for all our wonderful volunteers and …… READ MORE



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Dewan Meeting Minutes April 9, 2017


April 9, 2017

ATTENDEES: Honora Hildreth, Jim O’Halloran, Sherwin O’Bar, Lorraine Tedrow, Marston Gregory, Debbie Machado- Santos, Hadiyah Carlyle

Minutes from March 5, 2017 unanimously approved.

FINANCIALS: Sherwin reported

Revenue: $16,088 (including member donations of $3900 and Airbnb of $11,963.

Expenses: $28,734 (rental expense of $10,600 and house improvements/occupancy cost of $15,014 of which about $10,000 represents full payment for the sewer line rework).

Excess of Expense over Revenue: $12,646.


We discussed having better communications through email and txt. Listserver to be setup for just committee members. The emails should be reformatted and start anew, not tag onto old emails. It gets too confusing this way.

In case of emergency, we were asked to call or txt Honora or Sherwin.

Honora brought up the issue of disconnect on communication with Subud members. She said it is a goal of hers to work on this.

The end of August the region is sponsoring the Great Create, which takes the place of Family Camp. It will be at Pilgrim’s Fir Camp in Pt. Orchard. Honora talked about her fond memories of Family Camp as a child and hope to create another memorable place at Pilgrim’s Fir.


Spring St Center: Jim reported for Paul as he is out of town. We have the highest rating with AirBnB as superhosts. It’s an honor as it’s not easy to get that designation. We have increased sales substantially. For example, in March, 2017 Spring St Center brought in $5,959.00. In 2016, we brought in $2,325.00 for March.

Marston also commented that the center now has a great staff and things work well. Yea!

Subud House Survey: Marston went over the survey that he filled out on our house with the committee. There were some minor changes. Marston will submit it.

Earth Day: In honor of Earth Day, on Sat April 22 and Sunday April 23 we will work on the outside of the building, weeding, planting etc. There is detailed information on our website. PLEASE COME!! WE NEED VOLUNTEERS.

Rehab projects for the year: Marston submitted a wish list of projects that need to be done to keep the house in good shape. We will go over them, prioritize, and see what we can do. We are trying not to spend money as the sewer repair took a big chunk out of our income.

Future Events: We are having a party honoring all the volunteers that have worked for Subud all these years on Sunday May 21st after latihan. It’s a potluck lunch with great food. Please put this date on your calendar – it’s special. We hope to have members in the region come.

Next dewan meeting: Also, Sunday May 21 9:00 am

Dewan is planning a general meeting to let members know what we are doing. Date to be set soon.

National Congress is in Maryland this year in a great location. Registration is open.


Respectfully submitted,

Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y



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Celebrate Earth Day at SGS

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Halimah Bellows at Third Place Books April 13

Halimah Bellows to be featured at Third Place Books in Ravenna

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Report on regional and national helper visit to Boise, ID Group

On Friday, March 17, Marius Harold, national helper and I traveled to Boise, Idaho to visit the Subud Boise Group.

We felt that the Boise has the capacity to become a larger group. The group also is willing to open themselves to more group activities.

For more details on this trip click this link.

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