Subud World Congress photos

Rachman’s photos from the Subud World congress in Freiburg, Germany from July 26 through August 8th, 2018.  There are a lot of photos so take your time in viewing them!  There are two links, one for July 26 through August 5 and the other one for August 5 through August 8.  Please add comments or identify people you know!

Links are here:

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Dewan Meeting Minutes, June 23, 2018 Subud Greater Seattle

Below are partial meeting minutes provided by Jim O’Halloran, for the June 23, 2018, Dewan meeting for Subud Greater Seattle:

Jim’s partial minutes and to do list

Meeting called to order 9:30AM after Latihan, without a quorum as chair and secretary had not yet arrived.  A quorum was achieved about 9:45 when Honora and Leandra arrived.
Initial attendees:
Oswald Norton, Marston Gregory, Sherwin O’Bar, Jim O’Halloran, Debbie Santos-Machado, Halstein Stralberg, Paul Nelson, and Lucinda O’Halloran.
Old Business:
Unable to review previous minutes as they were unavailable.  Leandra said she will be sending them out.
Paul noted that the minutes have not been getting posted to the website.
Financial report:
We have a shrinking deficit.  The report from Virgil Woodfield the nonprofit CPA was discussed; and a discussion regarding our tax status ensued.  When Honora and Leandra arrived, the financial report was approved.
A motion was made, seconded, discussed, and approved to pay off the balance of our loan to SPNW, which is currently $2167.  This is the amount estimated for our basement kitchen remodel which it was decided to defer as our rental business is currently very low.
A motion was made, seconded, discussed, and approved to double our loan payment to SUSA.
Sherwin has paid Virgil Woodfield for our nonprofit recommendations.
Liberty Mutual will not insure SPNW with our Air BnB business-we will have to find another carrier.  The current policy will expire in 7-1-2019.  Jim will contact DiFranco Insurance.  Marston suggested Church mutual insurance Co.  Paul mentioned that Air BnB has a $1 million policy.
Sherwin was asked if he would like to have someone else do SGS books-he would be OK with that so he can concentrate on SPNW and also not have a conflict.  It was agreed to seek a replacement.  Sherwin started to estimate how much time was involved, but Jim interrupted him (Sorry!).
Financial report was approved.
Spring Street Center Report:  All projects except kitchen remodel completed, kitchen remodel deferred as currently no rental business.  Not sure if this was approved.
Debbie gave rental report.  Very slow.  Not sure if this was approved.
Childcare:  Jim contacted Daniel Stralberg, Lambert, and Raphael, hearing back only from Daniel.  Daniel indicated that right now they are pretty well set up, but it sounds like a great idea.  Marston said that Haridas and Trisha Singh along with their two sons will be moving to Redmond soon!  They may benefit from childcare also.
Helpers, please test regarding children in house, and whatever issues come up in testing.
Marston suggested having a monthly family event.  Honora and others are enthusiastic about this idea; and Honora suggested we have an event coordinator as our follow-through on events has been very poor.
Post minutes to website
insurance follow-up: Jim, Marston, anyone else—
Childcare:  Jim contact K. T.  Niehoff, Leandra needs someone to partner with on childcare Helpers need to test regarding childcare
Schedule future meetings, at appropriate times & days
Find an events coordinator
SGS bookkeeper
OK, that’s what I have before I had to leave-apologies for not staying, I had not written something else in my calendar and it was not moveable.
Thanks, everyone!
Love, Jim
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Subud GS General Meeting Minutes, March 9, 2018

General Member Meeting Minutes 3/9/2018, Bellevue, WA

Attendees: Elisha, Danella, Aakarsh, Rachman, Ida, Ramon, Halstien, Marston, Lucinda, and Hadijah.

SGS Elected Committee: Honora Hildreth, Jim O’Halloran, Sherwin O’Bar, and Leandra Hildreth

Previous General Meeting minutes read and approved.

Financial Report:

Total outflows are currently $3,982.

It is not uncommon to be behind in the beginning of the year.

Recent improvements to the house have been made

Does Airbnb revenue affect SPNW’s non profit church status?

We are consulting a lawyer.

Does Airbnb revenue generate a federal income tax liability?

Portland’s House found that they did not owe any federal income tax with Airbnb.

Do we need to pay County property tax?

The committee is consulting a lawyer.

If we are found liable we will go to the SPNW Regional board for further action.


January and February are record breaking numbers for Airbnb revenue. This is due to two long term rentals during January and February of this year.


This year the committee approved a budget of 7,500 for house repairs.

Blinds have been installed

New carpet on the stairs has been installed

New brochures are being made for both SGS and The Spring Street Center

SGS Event ideas:

kejiwaan or events that can involve kids and friends of members.

Donations at door to raise money for house and member travel.

Open mic nights Honora

Movie Night -Marston

Game Night -Ramon

Raised garden bed in front of house -Leandra

Action Items:

Committee consults a lawyer for tax questions.

Questions stated above.

Helpers to look over SGS brochure and update content and layout.

Men and women helpers to schedule more meetings.





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2018 World Congress Freiburg

The 2018 Subud World Congress is in progress in Freiburg, Germany, and your regular SGS webmaster, Rachman Cantrell is on the job, taking photographs as he has done at previous World Congresses going back to the 1960s.

Aida and Rachman Cantrell

More information on the Congress is here:


Photo By Erwin Hudoyono

Renata Reid & Rachman Cantrell

And some photos from Daphne C Alexopoulou‎:

Photo by Daphne C Alexopoulou‎

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No Latihan on Eastside for the next 3 weeks

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Those of us that usually open your eastside latihan facilities will all be at the World Subud Congress during the latihan dates of July 27th, August 3rd and 10th.  We know of no other person willing to take the key and open/close the facilities for those 3 dates.

As a result there will be no facilities available for latihan on the eastside until August 17th.

Latihans will continue in Seattle on their normal schedule.

Thanks, Oswald Norton
Subud Eastside Helper


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Important Message re Ibu Rahayu

We have just learned that Ibu Rahayu will attend the upcoming World Congress in Freiburg. This will be a wonderful opportunity to be with Ibu Rahayu in person.

Please spread the word to others.

For information and updates regarding World Congress, please visit:

Just a few days to the start of the 2018 Subud World Congress!
The 2018 Subud World Congress in Freiburg, Germany, begins July 28 and runs until August 8. If you plan to attend Congress but have not registered and paid, please hurry up and do so, and make your travel plans. It’s not too late!

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Would you like to know about Husein Rofé, one of the first pioneers of Subud?

When my wife and I lived in San Francisco, Husein Rofé would come to visit the group and we’d go out and have dinner together.  He was such a gentle and interesting man and we made a connection. Because of that, every time he was coming into town we’d get together and he’d share stories of his life.

Sharif and Astuti Horthy have just published his autobiography, “Veil of Light”, through their Purple Pagoda Press.  They describe the book this way.

“In 1951 he arrives in Central Java, in newly independent Indonesia. Here he discovers an unknown spiritual practice called Subud, a transformative experience that is passed from person to person without any teaching involved. He becomes convinced of its universal significance and feels called to make it better known. Through a series of adventures and uncanny coincidences, he succeeds in bringing it to the attention of seekers in the West.”

To learn more about Husein and the story of the early days of Subud, please visit their site  where you can purchase a copy.

Also available there is the memoir of Sharif’s mother, Countess Ilona Edelsheim Gyulai, titled “Honour and Duty”.

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Bapak’s Birthday party!

Friday night after the Eastside latihan Oswald, Marston and Hadidjah brought goodies to share!  We sat in a circle and shared our various memories and experiences of Bapak.  It was a very nice evening and it was good to be reminded of what Bapak has brought us and how important is the gift of the latihan!  Danella mentioned she had shared some of her experiences in ‘Subud Reminders’, a web site with many Subud members shared experiences.


See it here:

Photo of Bapak by Sim’on Cherpitel

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World Congress registration countdown!

The countdown to our 15th Subud World Congress is on!

Over 2000 Subud sisters and brothers from 69 countries around the world have registered for the World Congress. As of now, we are only 200 paying registrations away from our break even! This HAS helped us to keep the registration fee at €390 until the end of June. (the registration fee was supposed to go up to €450 ON the 15th of June already).
We are well aware that we in Subud love to decide at the last moment; never-the-less it would support the congress organizing team a lot if you register as soon as possible.

To register please go to

For on-going news updates, please visit:

If you should have difficulties finding affordable accommodation, we still have
some beds left at the Old Town Hall! You just have to pay €180 for 13 days and €50 more for breakfast. Contact:

Please click here to get a sense of the numbers involved in this World Congress!

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Subud Jazz at Conway Muse

Join us!

Luther Schutz and Elisha Gullixson would love your company on Saturday, June 23rd at 7pm, as would bassist Drew Baddeley and tenor saxophonist Jon Anderson for a repeat of the fabulous April 13th  concert at the Conway Muse in Conway. WA.

Luther and Elisha

The Conway Muse is north on I-5 about 1 1/4 hours from Bellevue.

The venue opens at 6pm and food can be ordered during the performance. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

From the Conway Muse website:

Join Luther Schutz, Elisha Gullixson, Drew Baddeley and John Anderson for an intimate evening of vocal jazz standards.

Luther, a retired ER physician and long time Skagit County resident, has been singing non stop since the age of six. Over the years he has explored many different vocal genres(He is a founding member of “Midlife Crisis”). For the last several years he has been entranced by the “Great American Songbook”,and has put out a well received CD of jazz standards.

Elisha has been playing piano since 1947. He has a committed respect for the discipline and joys of jazz and is a gifted soloist and accompanist.



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