What a day!

Welcome, Olivia Clare Barclay opened May 21, 2017

What a day! A lot happened on Sunday May 21. First we saw two new dogwood trees planted outside, had an exciting Dewan meeting at 9:30 (see Dewan Meeting Minutes here…), added a new woman member to our group, and enjoyed a delicious potluck.





The Dogwood Gang: Paul, Phillip, Marston and Halstein

The two dogwood trees replace the dying acacia tree that had been invaded by a fungus. Lucinda O’Halloran recommended this variety of dogwood because of its resistance to diseases.

It’s great when cooks include a list of ingredients.

We love to eat. And what a feast this was, featuring two hearty stews,  a rich variety of salads and delicacies like latkes and sour cream, homemade hummus, cornbread, roasted root veggies and gluten-free brownies.

About Hariana Chilstrom

Hariana Chilstrom is a veteran Subud member and (currently) inactive helper. A writer, artist and photographer, she is a longtime science educator with an MA in zoology. You can contact her at hariana@rocketmail.com
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