I just went online tonight and registered for the World Congress and it was a breeze to do.

Before you start have: 1. Passport out. 2. Credit Card Available. (350 Euros = $415 US approx.)

They allow partial payments which is great.

Here is link:

Due to high volume at the site and it doesn’t come up please try again later.

Hope to see many of you in Freiburg.


p.s. Cheapest fares are I find are on Air France (with Delta) to Basel, Icelandic to Frankfurt, and Norwegian Airlines via Gatwick (add short hop from Gatwick to Basel).

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Rachman Cantrell is a long time Subud member, helper, amateur musician, partner dancer, volleyball player and owner of 'Bothell Jewelers & Collectibles' in downtown Bothell and now the new editor of the Greater Subud Seattle newsletter.
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