Message from Oswald

Dear Subud Greater Seattle Members,

As your treasurer I wanted to make you aware of current and future expenses and to ask for members who can to make a large donation toward some of the costs that we are now facing in the maintenance of our Seattle facilities.

As you know from past posts, during December we had an issue with our sewer system backing up again.  Immediate temporary repairs were able to be completed, but it was discovered that we needed to complete the lining of our old sewer pipe all the way into the building because of new breaks in that pipe.  That repair has now been completed.  The total cost was $6,276 including tax.

We have put off for 2 years painting our building and it’s showing it.  Recently we’ve discovered water leaking into one of our rooms upstairs.  This needs to be repaired from the outside of the building.  We also know that we have other areas outside of the building that will cause similar issues, unless we act now. The total cost, with tax to paint the outside of the building is $14,862.  This painting will occur in June.

Together these costs total $21,138.

Your committee has secured a line of credit of $7000 from our regional housing fund to assist in the paying for the painting work.  If our Centerprise provides $11,203 toward these costs, the member’s portion would be $9,914.

Thanks to efforts by Danella Mauguin, and the Money Tree she started, and the donations of others, we have raised $1,558.  If we borrow the $7000 from the region, we would only need to raise $1,356, before payment for the painting is due.

I would like to see us raise $2000 by the middle of June. I’m willing to match, up to $500, of additional donations.  I would like a second volunteer to also commit to a $500 match.  Then, if checks small and large come in to match that $1000, we’ll have the $2000 before you know it.

The more we receive from members, the less we’ll have to tap into the $7000 from the region, we’ll eventually need to pay back.

I’ll be updating you as progress continues.

Your Treasurer, Oswald Norton

Oswald Norton


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Message from Jim!

Upcoming events!
Save the dates!
Sunday, June 9th there will be a Kedjiwaan day after latihan.
 Saturday, July 27th there will be a neighborhood open house at Subud Seattle in the afternoon.
We will have live music with a quartet including Elisha and Jim with appearances by Luther Shutz and David Lynch;  There will be SICA, SES, and SD presentations etc. , samples from Debbie Machado-Santos’ catering, Lucinda’s Spirit Garden Design, and Bhakti among others.
Sunday, August 11th there will be a Subud family potluck picnic about 1:00 – 4:00 – time to be confirmed. Most likely it will be at Bradner Gardens Park, about 2 1/2 miles from the Subud house.
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Gardening Day Coming Soon!




WHEN:    APRIL 28  




We will also clean some items out of the storage room and do a Goodwill run.



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Quick note!

Note from Jim:  We have a general meeting after latihan this coming Sunday the 14th.  We will have reports from our helpers, treasurer, centerprise people, old business, and new business; plus time to discuss new subjects plus an upcoming Kedjiwaan day and also a picnic in August.

Please come and give your input on these subjects!

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Tuesday Latihans at 11am

See you at the Subud House

The newest Latihan time is catching on. There has been a woman doing Latihan the past few weeks, but attendance has not built up yet. Men are gathering each week in the men’s Latihan hall Tuesdays at 11am. There has been a Helper on hand every time and here is the future Men’s Helper schedule:

March 19 – Elisa Gullixson
March 26 – Sebastian Tedrow
April 2 – Paul Nelson
April 9 – Paul Nelson
April 16 – Halstein Stralberg
April 23 – Hanafi Libman
April 30 – Elisa Gullixson
May 7 – Sebastian Tedrow
May 14 – Halstein Stralberg
May 21 – Hanafi Libman
May 28 – Elisa Gullixson
June 4 – Sebastian Tedrow
June 11 – Halstein Stralberg
June 18 – Paul Nelson
June 25 – Hanafi Libman
July 2 – Elisa Gullixson
July 9 – TBA
July 16 – Sebastian Tedrow
July 23 – Halstein Stralberg
July 30 – Paul Nelson
June 25 – Hanafi Libman
August 6 – Elisa Gullixson
August 13 – Sebastian Tedrow
August 20 – Halstein Stralberg
August 27 – Hanafi Libman
September 3 – Paul Nelson
September 10 – Elisa Gullixson
September 17 – Sebastian Tedrow
September 24 – Halstein Stralberg

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Oswald’s Experience


Oswald Norton

Ash Wednesday Reflections

I wanted to share with you an experience I had during an Ash Wednesday service at our church last week.  I’m sharing it with my Subud community because I know that a part of the reason I was able to have this experience has to do with what’s been opened in me through this spiritual training, this latihan.

I’ve been to a number of Ash Wednesday services, particularly as a child growing up in a Catholic family. In them I’ve heard the same phrase, “Remember, O man, that dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return.” At my present church, the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Bellevue, we had an Ash Wednesday service last Wednesday to mark the beginning of Lent.

For reasons I’m still trying to understand, during this service, I came to understand to my core, that the body I inhabit now is nothing more than a vessel that my being – call it spirit, or just the image of the person that I represent – inhabits for the moment.

I guess, I, for the first time since observing this ritual, felt both a gratitude for and the temporal limits of this body, this mind, the energies that I’ve employed all these years to carry out the different tasks involved in my life. It was as if I finally was able to acknowledge, the gift of the possibilities, that inhabiting this body, in this place, with those I’ve shared this space with for the first time. Call it an awakening to what I’ve been given.

It came about through both the words and the actions of our minister the Reverend Lisa Horst Clark. As she spoke, she had before her, soil, in a simple baking pan.  The soil was in a small mound, as if unused, waiting. As she spoke, she shaped the mound first into the shape of a mountain, speaking of how we humans have built columns to try and reach to the sky to the world of the spirit. Something was shifting within me. I found that I could barely look at her and the work of her hands as she spoke, so I looked away.

Next she spoke of how, over the millennia the shape that was to become our human body, was created.  Specs of earth, and elements from the universe which have landed on our planet, evolved and evolved, until the human shape was formed. This body gradually evolved into the humans we are now with all of our thinking and feeling. Our thinking and feeling had evolved and created the environments in which we now live throughout this world.  Any yet, when we – those of us within the room of the service and those not there – completed our time in the bodies we now inhabit, and we died, these bodies will return to the basic elements that began the journey at the very beginning.

While she spoke, she shaped a body in the pan. Then, lifting up that body shape, let it fall back into the mound that was there in the beginning.

In me there came a new opening to the understanding of the temporary time I have to use this body. The time available to me is only the time I’ve been given. I have no way of understanding, or controlling, or lengthening through my own will the time available. What I can control is what I do during this time; this time I’ve been given.

So, during Lent, during this time of fasting and trying to grasp what is going on in my life that I could change, or react to in a different way, I’m going to remember that this is a temporary time. And, this body, this mind, these feelings I have are available to me temporarily.

To what end? That is what I’m going to try and understand and carry out.  Surely to create goodness and acts of kindness and love. Surely that. That is my hope.  That is my desire. So I’m going to reflect on that and see what comes of this reflection.

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Subud Greater Seattle General Meeting after Latihan in Bellevue Friday, March 15th

Subud Greater Seattle General Meeting after Latihan in Bellevue Friday, March 15th
Review of and agreement on Proposed Agenda
Old business review & approve minutes from 1/27/2019
Sewer project Fundraising Group events Announcements
Ongoing reports: Helpers Financial report Air BnB Rentals
New Business: Set time, place, & date for next general meeting
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Tuesday Latihans at 11am

Bellevue First Congregational 11061 NE 2nd St

For best results, practice Latihan twice a week. Sundays at 11am are always popular at the Subud House. Friday night Latihans on the East Side in the UCC Bellevue Church (Bellevue First Congregational United Church of Christ) 11061 NE 2nd St Bellevue are also well-attended with quiet time at 7:45.

Now Tuesday Latihans at 11am for men AND women are available and a helper is scheduled on the Men’s side. We hope to see you.

Last Saturday’s Dewan meeting was well-attended with a strong feeling of community, according to our informer, who also says that the testing (on the direction for Subud Greater Seattle, and on how each new Dewan member could contribute to it) was quite “cohesive.” The main receiving was for our group to be more connected and have more energy. A full report is expected soon. Watch this space.

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New Committee for Subud Greater Seattle!

Report from Elisha:
“This is the new committee for Subud Greater Seattle: Former Vice Chairman/Acting Chairman Jim O’Halloran was chosen through testing as Chairman.
The new Vice Chairperson is Bhakti Watts, also selected through testing.
Ramon Hildreth was asked by Chairman Jim, accepted, and will perform the duties of Secretary.
And Oswald Norton has agreed to take over as Treasurer, replacing Sherwin O’Bar after a long and consummate tenure.   Everyone was pleased with the results of the meeting and are looking forward to the service of the new committee, a most capable group.”
New (and old) chairman, Jim O’Halloran
Also from Elisha:
In the SGS membership meeting today (1/27/19), during the selection of the new committee, the question of “member-at-large” came up. At this time a fog of bewilderment rose up in the room. Personally, I am at the end of my tether with the mysterious concept of “member-at-large.”  No one here has ever defined it, to my knowledge.  I am convinced that there are not more than two members of SGS who can supply the definition-and-duties intelligibly. Would it be possible that anyone might offer the rest of us a clear understanding what a “member-at-large” actually is, what duties that person would perform, and WHY WE NEED ONE?
From Rachman:
I can’t answer the question about ‘member-at-large’ but I personally don’t think the position is necessary.
Thank you, Elisha, for giving us the news about the new committee!
Eastside news: 
Rayma Norton is now active as a helper for the Eastside latihan!  Thank you, Rayma!
Our newest memberNadjmat Abdoulhakime, has left to go home to Paris for a short while before leaving on an extended stay in Cilandak where she will be volunteering for one of our Subud social projects there.  We wish her well on her new adventure!
Recent email note from Najmat:

“My main mission part of the Yum Foundation will be to support and help “improve their management and financial control skills”
“The second aspect of my mission will be to help with their digital transformation. This year the foundation is planning to digitalize their work (using Google For Non Profit), organizing files so all 3 offices (Jakarta, Cipanas and Kalimantan) so they can share data easily. Hence they are also planning to improve their Social Impact Measurement and I will be helping with that as well.”
Photos from the Eastside wishing Nadjmat a good trip!  
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Paul Nelson’s Interviews

Dear Subud Greater Seattle member,

I would appreciate your support of my new book of transcribed interviews,American Prophets, at Elliott Bay Books.

February 3, 3pmElliott Bay Book Company. 1521 Tenth Avenue Seattle.

From their site: Paul Nelson, founder of SPLAB/Seattle Poetics LAB and Founding Director of the Cascadia Poetry Festival, joins us today with highlights from some of the interviews he has collected in his new book, American Prophets: Interviews with Thinkers, Activists, Poets & Visionaries (Seattle Poetics Lab). Included here are Paul Nelson’s interviews with luminaries such as Rupert Sheldrake, Jean Houston, Wanda Coleman, Allen Ginsberg and many others…

Early reviews of the book are in and people are saying that calling them simply “interviews” do not do them justice because of the quality of the content. This project is near and dear to my heart and I hope I see some Subud people there Sunday. Thanks for considering. Paul

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