The Soul in Action

The Soul in Action
Sunday, July 28th
an invitation to a kedjiwaan gathering

Subud House

Subud House

“The Soul In Action,” a kedjiwaan afternoon …Kedjiwaan…relating to the jiwa or spiritual side of Subud…an afternoon of expanding/enriching our spiritual selves through worship and testing, and spending an easy afternoon with our brothers and sisters. (Quiet time starts at 11a).

Question: What would it take for you to come, on Sunday…and to come to group latihan, in general? Many are not coming to latihan….why? Life too busy, not getting what you need/want from Subud, the latihan, our community? These are questions your local helpers want to know the anwers to, we want to provide what it is the members want/need and, we need you, the members to let us know what is missing, which maybe is something the helpers cannot do alone…maybe only as a community can we do that, but we need you to tell us that.

On Sunday, we will test a few simple questions immediately after latihan and then will open the floor to what the members present bring to discuss, and we will as a group decide about how we will spend the time we have together…but we need all of you to be present to do that…together let’s create the best possible kedjiwaan day experience that we can have.

We look forward to seeing you there.

– Hadijah Obar

About Paul

A Subud member since 2004, a local helper and the Rental Agent for Subud Greater Seattle since 2011, Paul helps manage the Subud Greater Seattle website, is a poet with 4 published books on poetry and poetics and is father to two beautiful girls.
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